Normal: Bill O’Reilly paid to say incredibly inappropriate things


Real Weird Politics is here to provide your daily dose of bizarre political stories.  Even though today’s story is considered normal by Bill O’Reilly’s standards, we still feel like it deserves a special place on our blog.

Bill OReilly LOL.

Bill O'Reilly LOL.

Here’s the skinny:  Bill O wrote a novel in 1998 called “Those Who Trespass.”  The novel contains some explicit content that is laugh out loud hilarious in our post-loofa world.   But it gets better.  Not only did Billy write the book, he also cut an audio book.  And now, through the wonder of The Tubes of the Internet and the Village Voice blog, we bring you the tastiest bits of this delightful bit of prose.

No real American can resist Papa Bear uttering such gems as “Say baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe up” and “Cunnilingus involves the lips and the tongue.”

We’re being incredibly unfair to Bill.  He is, after all, the foremost vendor of Fair and Balanced news.   But, then again, we don’t even have ads on this page, so we’re exempt from anything resembling fairness.  Because Bill O gets paid the big bucks to say incredibly inappropriate things on a daily basis, we have no other option but to deem this story:

RWP Rating: 1/5 Normal


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