Strange: Joe the Plumber needs a condom


Lending new hope for bald men across the nation, Joe the Plumber is in desperate need of a rubber.  After persevering through the painstaking task of speaking for nearly 2 minutes at the DisHonors Awards, a burst of sexual liberation exploded in his pants.

The former Israeli War Correspondent (LOL), witnessed what he described as a room full of love.  And if I know anything from the pleasant daydreams of an ecstasy slow jam, I know that our words can get away from us when love is all we feel…and see…and taste…and er…hear.   So during the lovefest, Joe decided to tell the room:

“God, all this love and everything in the room — I’m horny.”

I’ll assume that only a handful of you haven’t attempted to start an orgy in a room full of your closest friends.  But to do so when you’re clearly going to be rejected by a bunch of abstinence-only squares borders on stupidity.   Here is my advice to Joe: quit with the moderation.  Go to a board meeting of rabidly fascist mini-Rands or a tent city of Pinko commies  and try your luck there.

And put down the flannel Mr. Cobain.

RWP Rating: 3/5 Strange


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