Strange: Oregon Democrat causes a scene at Portland airport


Peter DeFazio, a representative from Oregon’s 4th district, found himself in an embarrassing situation at the Portland International Airport last Monday.  While flying back to Washington D.C., DeFazio was allegedly singled out for special additional security and lost his temper with TSA officials.

Look at that fucking moustache!

Look at that fucking moustache!

According to an airport source, DeFazio called the additional security measures “stupid” and “bullshit.”  Extra security officials were called when the congressman grew agitated.  DeFazio claims that he doesn’t remember using obscenities, but that the TSA was “wasting resources” on conducting the additional security measures.

You may laugh it off as the ramblings of an entitled congressman, but DeFazio currently serves as a senior member of the House Transportation Committee.  Then again, he probably should have just turned his head and coughed like the rest of us.

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