Unusual: Eliot Spitzer’s former madam is pornstar hot, clearly fake


Eliot Spitzer, one of the hard-nosed enemies of Wall Street that we really could use right now, resigned from being Governor of New York last year after being caught with Ashley Dupre, an upscale hooker and downscale musician.  Dupre is cute in her own little vagina-for-rent type of way, but always came off as the church-going girl next door that hid her leather fetish from the majority of the world.

Ashley Dupre, Hooker

Ashley Dupre, Hooker

But Kristin Davis is no Ashley Dupre.  Davis, the New York madam that pimped Dupre to the rich and powerful, looks more like the girls in the “art” films that are willing to suck any dick you throw their way…as long as the money is on the table.   So hooray for stereotypes!

Kristen Davis, Pimp

Kristen Davis, Pimp

Davis divulged today that she had both a professional and personal relationship with Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez.  I’d still say that there is only a minimal chance that Rodriguez has seen her without that busted wig on.

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FULL STORY: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2009/03/22/2009-03-22_madam_kristin_davis_dated_alex_rodriguez.html?page=0


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