Idaho lawmaker wants to slaughter horses for food


Times are weird.  Idaho representative Thomas Loertscher wants to slaughter abandoned horses that the state finds each year for food.  Loertscher, a Republican from Iona, says that these horses are “are no longer useful or people just can’t afford them, [and] that there is a market out there for them to be processed.”  And by processed, Loertscher means Polish Sausage style.



The horses, often left in the middle of Bumfuck, Idaho, die from starvation within weeks.  The state is then reponsible for rounding up their carcasses and sending them to the glue factory.

Which brings me to my main point:  Cowboys have become pussies.  When Old Yeller had rabies, that 12 year old boy had to shoot him in the face.  And that kid was a whiny bitch.  Is it cruel to kill a perfectly good horse?  Of course.  But it is even worse to leave it in the wilderness and allow it to starve.

And no one in the States will buy horse to eat.  Unless you slather it with Mayo.   Problem solved.

RWP Rating: 3/5 Strange



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