United States now buying Chinese condoms to distribute in Africa


The United States Agency for International Development decided to stop buying condoms from American manufacturers and start buying from Chinese manufacturers.  This decision could cost Americans 300 more jobs.   Alatech, an Alabama-based rubber baron, had a history of late shipments to the government agency.  The government will also save a significant amount of cash by working with the new manufacturer.

Look closely.

Look closely.

The condoms are purchased by the United States, but largely go to preventing HIV infection in developing countries.  Alatech employees protested the decision, but were ultimately denied their appeal.

Bear with me while I get a bit serious.  I’m no expert on the economy.  In fact, I barely passed elementary statistics in college.  But a dollar that goes to a Chinese company is a dollar that is completely gone from our economy.  If the government were to spend that dollar on an American company with American employees, the dollar stays in our country.  It is then used to pay taxes, buy groceries, etc. and continues to make its rounds within our economy.  Being that the dollar would be spent several times, the United States government must be getting one hell of a deal to contract with a Chinese company rather than an American company.  That, or they just don’t give a shit about actually helping our economy and instead just want their own balance sheet to look good.   You decide.

Being that this happened last year with the Boeing/Airbus fiasco, I have no choice but to call this incredulously normal.

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FULL STORY: http://www.kansascity.com/637/story/1100966.html


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