Arizona legislature outsources duties to idiot public


The Arizona state legislature is full of Republicans that absolutely refuse to raise taxes.  The state will enjoy a $500 million budget deficit in 2010 and they are shit out of ideas.  Apparently screaming “tax cuts” whenever any financial issue arises, produces less green than a hash dealer with a meth habit.

A Republican sells fertilizer to make up for shortfall.

A Republican sells fertilizer to make up for shortfall.

Rather than entertain the idea of raising any of several taxes, the Republican party in Arizona would rather just pass the buck to the public.  They are now publicly asking for any new ideas from Arizona Residents to cover the 2010 shortfall.

This is the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever heard.  The people elected these morons because they felt like they fairly represented their district.  In fact, I’d be shocked if half the responses they get aren’t direct links to tubgirl and lemon party.  Another 20% will be marijuana legalization pleas that will almost certainly be laughed right out of any serious political discussion.

When I hire a plumber to fix my john, he sure as shit better not ask for advice on which compound to use when affixing water pipes.

This is petty populist bullshit.  Do the job you were elected to do.

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One Response to “Arizona legislature outsources duties to idiot public”

  1. Marc Goldstone, Chair. ArizonaTax Revolt Says:

    For individuals spending beyond ones means is folly, for government to continue such unsustainable spending is immoral and should be illegal. Most of the Republicans and a few Democrats in the Legislature realize that a paradigm shift is necessary to work through the present and avoid future crises.

    That being said the people of Arizona need to take responsibility for establishing revenue limits with corresponding spending caps to prevent deficit spending without a vote of the people.

    Marc Goldstone, Chair.
    Arizona Tax Revolt

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