Colorado Democrat gives Republican leader old, disgusting jacket


The Democratic party fought hard in 2008 to change a red state to blue.  After achieving their goal, a prominent Colorado Democrat has decided to add insult to injury.  Anne McGihon, a former representative from Colorado’s 3rd district gave Republican minority leader Mike May a green jacket that has been traveling through the state legislature since 1993.  Stan Johnson, in an attempt to troll the legislature after his tenure, donated his jacket to the state legislature.

Artistic representation of what the jacket looked like in 1993.

Artistic representation of what the jacket looked like in 1993.

Being that the jacket belongs to the legislature and all our politicians are strict, law-abiding citizens, I have to assume that the jacket has never left the House of Representatives.  Ergo, this mucky jacket hasn’t been washed in 16 years.

And seriously, what kind of asshole leaves his jacket to the legislature?  It’s not as if Stan Johnson was Abraham fucking Lincoln.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Johnson was a fine legislator, but which lawmaker is going to put an end to this silly tradition?  None of them will have the balls to do it because the other party will berate them in the news.  Actually, I kind of like Stan Johnson for that.  He is the ultimate troll.

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