New Hampshire rejects “Bad Parent” smoking bill


Smokers have it rough.  After being sequestered from bars, casinos, and restaurants, it’s hard to find a place to enjoy the sweet sensation of burning lung cells.  But thanks to the New Hampshire state legislature, smokers will retain the right to smoke in their cars while their children are with them.

I thought this was America.

I thought this was America.

I think we can all agree that secondhand smoke can be dangerous to children.  But so is fast food, excessive television, and allowing them to believe they can be a rocket scientist when they can barely do long division.

I think it’s fine that some restaurants and bars want to remain smoke-free.  Lots of people prefer it that way and I have no problem with it.  But these laws that legislate that a private business MUST prohibit smoking are ridiculous.  As Americans, we have the freedom to make bad decisions by exposing ourselves to any number of risky behaviors.   Put a skull and crossbones label on cigarette boxes and fast food wrappers and call it a day.

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