Republican Governor of Nevada demands pay increases for staff


While furloughs and layoffs continue to wreak havoc on an unstable economy, Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons recently proposed pay increases for his staff.  Despite obvious opposition from constituents and political rivals, the Governor’s Chief of Staff defended the raises saying “If you look at this historically, in context, you can see that the governor’s office is reducing, we’re cutting back, and we’re spending a lot less than we did in previous years.”

Dude, those are singles.

Dude, those are singles.

So just because it’s less of a raise than previous years, the residents of Hooker Valley…er…I mean, Nevada have to swallow the cost in taxes?  Nevada unemployment is now sitting very unpretty at 10.1%, double what it was in February of 2008.

I hate stupid political posturing, but at least be crafty and hide it from the Nevada House floor.  Just create a bullshit job for your wife in the administration, funnel all of the cash for the raises into an account and disperse them at your will.

This is basic civics, Gibbons.

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