Talking Points: Obama uses teleprompter, sun is center of solar system

Bitch please.

Bitch please.

Where it started:

Where it was repeated: Picked up by Matt Drudge and was repeated again by Ed Henry of CNN, and many in the mainstream media.  Even made its way to the illustrious Real Weird Politics blog.

Why it’s goddamn stupid:  Was Obama supposed to memorize his opening remarks?  How about bring 3 x 5 index cards and look down at them during the whole speech?  Teleprompters have been used by Presidents forever.  It is a good thing.  You don’t want George W. Bush or some other dumbass confusing the Shi’a and Sunni and causing a global crisis.  Obama obviously wasn’t using it during the Q & A session.   This criticism defines petty.

What they should be saying instead: Attack the SUBSTANCE of the economic plan.  If you bitch about him “smiling too much” or “reading from a teleprompter” it’s a giant red flag to any rational individual that you’re trying to mold a clay statue out of horse shit.


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