Ban on Stealing Urine needed in Ohio


Ohio is about to pass one of the strangest bills I’ve ever heard of.

Here is the backstory:  Shawn Koser, a firefighter in Ohio, went to a movie theater with his 10 year old daughter.  After the movie, Koser went into the bathroom to take a piss and noticed one Alan D. Patton collecting urine from the urinals with a foam cup.  Koser was floored and went to the theater manager to see what could be done.

Black beans and carrots?

Black beans and carrots?

It turns out that Mr. Patton is a registered child sex offender.  Patton admitted later that he was drinking the urine.  Excuse me while I force the vomit back down my throat.  Patton is clearly fucked up beyond belief, but what he was doing isn’t illegal.

That’s about to change.  The bill on the floor in the Ohio state legislature will make collecting urine or any other bodily substance without privilege illegal.  Blood, bile, semen, pus, saliva, and, of course, urine should be covered by the law.  A vote is expected early next week.

Creating a new law just because of the individual actions of one person is a bit over the line.  But with the advent of the internet and increasingly fucked up pornography just clicks away, these types of activities could actually be on the rise.

RWP Rating: Real Fucking Weird

FULL STORY: Dispatch Politics


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