Omaha Fire Captain fired after prostitution sting


Omaha Fire Captain Darren Bates was fired by the city on Wednesday after being cited at a prostitution sting in early February.  Bates contends that he was fired because of growing animosity with the Fire Chief Mike McDonnell.

I need a little help with my fire hose.

I need a little help with my fire hose.

Now I know that a Fire Captain isn’t really in the political ring too much, but I find this case eerily similar to the Eliot Spitzer case.  Rather than going after someone in a legitimate argument over ideas, most mudslingers are content with character assassinations.  Spitzer just so happened to be the one guy that Wall Street honchos hated.  Then BAM!  Busted with hookers.  Bates seems to be the guy that McDonnell hated. The BAM!  Busted with hookers.

That being said, Bates is a moron.  He responded to a Craigslist ad for a prostitute.  When responding to an ad of this kind, there is a 45% chance that it is the fuzz and a 55% chance that it is a transvestite.  As science has proved time and time again, there are no women on the internet.  No exceptions.

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