Real News of the Day: Republicans’ alternate budget proposal


I’m convinced that the Republicans are hellbent on making this country succumb to one party rule.  Republicans used to have real ideas for improving the country.   Eisenhower championed the Interstate Highway System, George H.W. Bush had the gall to call Reagan’s tax plan voodoo economics, and Ron Paul can still be taken somewhat seriously in modern economic debate.

But this alternate Republican tax plan is abysmal.

Incredibly appropriate.

Incredibly appropriate.

What happened today:  Senate minority leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) convinced House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) and Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) that they needed to get behind a Republican alternate budget proposal.   Representative Mike Pence (R-Indiana) apparently conceived the plan during the last few weeks.  The congressmen held a press conference today and it was absolutely disastrous.

But what really happened: Mike Pence apparently acted like a college student that worked on a 20 page essay for weeks and then, hours before it was due, decided to forget about all the hard work and just slap together a 1 page summary.  All details were cut.   A simple pie chart at the bottom isn’t labeled and isn’t specific.  No, for that part I don’t even need to fall into the world of symbolism.  We have obtained the single chart from the alternate proposal.

Yes, this is it.

Yes, this is it.

What the alternate Budget contained: Two words.  Tax Cuts.  Yes, while criticizing Obama for increasing the federal deficit, these Republicans have the audacity to submit an alternate budget that would cease a huge amount of revenue.   Under the alternate tax plan, the tax rate for the wealthiest Americans would be slashed from 35% to 25%.  Those making under $100,000 will pay just 10% in taxes.  The alternate budget contained no cuts to federal programs.

Why it’s fucking irresponsible:  We have a HUGE federal deficit.  If we reduce revenue for the federal government we have less money to pay for the wars and the economic disaster.   That being said, we have to spend more right now.  I know it sounds stupid, but if the government stops spending right now, our economy will be shot to shit faster than a cheetah shot out of a cannon.  Examine the Paradox of Thrift for additional information.

Aftermath:  Reporters started asking questions.  Lots of them.  Involving specific numbers and details.  John Boehner was left bumbling about how they’ll have more details next week.  But they were the ones that called the press conference in the first place!  If you aren’t ready until next week, then hold the conference then.  Eric Cantor left in the middle of the conference.  Probably to catch another concert while pretending to be legitimate opposition.

This sucks for the American people.  We need real opposition in our government that holds the controlling party accountable for their decisions.  If all they come up with is a bunch of nonsense that completely contradicts their contention that Obama is going to drive us into more debt, then I have to assume that it’s all political posturing.  They are in no way interested in improving the country.  They are interested in playing politics.  And they can’t even get that right.


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