Michelle Bachmann calls for revolution against “Economic Marxism”


Representative Michelle Bachmann from the Sixth Congressional District of Minnesota received 187,805 votes in the 2008 election.  These votes were tallied after she made a fool out of herself Hardball with Chris Matthews.  Let me jog your memory.

Now Bachmann certainly deserves a shred of credit for never changing her tune.  After an election, most politicians quickly throw their support behind the new president, especially one with a 68% approval rating.  But Bachmann continues to contend that Barack Obama will enact a Marxist agenda.  And her language is getting progressively more violent.

Wednesday of this week, Bachmann went on Sean Hannity’s radio show and discussed what I can only deem as rudimentary fiscal policy.    Here is the interview:

Bachmann is a United States representative.  She is not Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.  What she is doing is fear mongering.  I don’t think that people should be afraid of Bachmann herself.   This type of language was used by George Wallace in 1972 and Joseph McCarthy in 1954.  She is harmless and looking for attention.  But the listeners are another story.

Easily influenced people listen to that drivel and believe in all of its sweeping generalizations.  They get scared and think that the government is going to take their guns, their livelihood, and their personal freedoms.   What these people don’t do is pay keen attention to what is actually happening in the country.  Most of the time, they don’t really understand what Marxism or Socialism is.  The equation in their mind is simple.  Obama is on the left.  Socialists are on the left.  Ergo, Obama = Socialist.

Obama is a capitalist, whether you like it or not.  What politician would want to be a Marxist when all of their biggest donors are rich CEOs and hedge fund executives?  It doesn’t make any sense.   The rich pay for politicians so that they can become richer.  And how does this happen?  Through the wonders of Capitalism.

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