Senator 1: “You’re good.” Senator 2: “Your wife said the same thing.”


It is no exaggeration when political pundits describe Capitol Hill as a giant high school, complete with cliques, gossip, and lame ass comebacks.

On Friday, the Senate Finance Committee had a budget meeting and things heated up between Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-ND) and ranking Republican Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA). Here is the complete video of the exchange.

Grassley has fucked up eyes.

Grassley has fucked up eyes.

Now, half of the 6 people reading this blog may actually still be employed and can’t play the above video. I present these people with a kickass transcription:

Grassley: “I’d like to suggest to the chairman that he might want to support this because, you remember, you asked me two years ago not to take a vote on it and you said if we did take a vote on it you might not get your budget resolution adopted. So I did not ask for a vote on it and you said it was a very statesmanlike thing for me to do at that particular time and so I would hope that you would return the favor.

Conrad: “You know, I used to like you. Let me just say: Oh, you are good.”

Grassley: “Well, your wife said the same thing.”

Conrad: She did, she said you were the biggest hit of all the speakers at the event.

Conrad’s response is incredibly disappointing. Here’s a thought: If you can’t think of a really great comeback right away, at least make Grassley feel like an asshole. “My wife is dead” would suffice in this case.

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