California pol resigns after attending taxpayer-funded Justin Timberlake concert trip


Democrat Carrie Lopez, the Director of Consumer Affairs for the state of California, resigned on Friday after a mess of taxpayer-funded expenses was discovered by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s finance office.  The expenses included a trip Lopez took with her daughter to a Justin Timberlake concert.

Crooked Carrie Lopez accepts an award on behalf of her former crooked boss Rosario Marin.

Carrie Lopez accepts an award on behalf of her former boss Rosario Marin.

Aaraon McLear, a spokesperson for the Governator said that Lopez would have to repay the expenses that violated new California ethics rules.

The Department of Finance did a full audit of Director Lopez’s expenses, and found some questionable expenses,” said Aaron McLear, a spokesman for the governor. “She will be given the opportunity to justify those expenses. Any expenses she cannot justify, she has agreed to repay to the state.

Lopez contends that she discussed state business at a dinner before the concert.  Additional expenses targeted by the finance office include travel to a retreat for a non-profit organization for which Lopez is a board member.

Lopez’s boss Rosario Marin resigned earlier this month amid questionable money she made as a public speaker.

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