Friend of Biden’s daughter allegedly catches her snorting cocaine on video


Update 2:

Update 1:

Vice President Joe Biden may have to ground his 27 year-old daughter Ashley, a social worker in Delaware.  A friend (soon to be enemy) of Ashley’s apparently shot video of her snorting cocaine at a party this month.

Damn, thats hot.

Damn, that's hot.

The video shows a woman in her twenties snorting cocaine through a red straw.  She appears to know that she is being filmed.  Another person on the video resembles Ashley’s boyfriend of several years.  The movie runs for roughly 45 minutes.

That friend is about to get paid.  I hate the precedent stories like this set, but you can get paid big bucks in this country for doing all kinds of deceitful shit.  Celebrities of all kinds experience these problems.   But most of them ask for it.  Poor Ashley Biden lives in fucking Delaware.  She’s not asking for attention, just a regular life.

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FULL STORY: New York Post


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6 Responses to “Friend of Biden’s daughter allegedly catches her snorting cocaine on video”

  1. Mary Says:

    Yeah, a regular life like the Bush teenagers did when they were trashed by the left and the media. If Biden’s daughter turns out halfway as good as the Bush daughter’s have, she’ll be ok. I dought it though. Look at the loser of a father she’s got.

  2. Dominick Perez Says:

    Great news for all you Liberals that trashed Bush’s and Palin’s kids. Liberals children are always the most screwed up because of the inherent lack of morality of Liberal beliefs.

    • Joel Lightly Says:

      I think it’s safe to say that both parties are amoral. They just use certain marketing techniques to get you to vote with them.

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