Reagan’s daughter discusses Playboy pictures on CBS Sunday Morning


You think Ashley Biden is wild?  How about the Bush twins?  Neither are in the same realm as Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis.  Davis appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and discussed her relationship with her presidential parents as well as the infamous Playboy shoot.

Bill Gates needed an introduction back then.

Bill Gates needed an introduction back then.

The Playboy shoot was really just icing on a cake that had been baking for years.  Davis publicly admitted smoking pot, banging members from the Eagles, and standing fervently against her father’s position on nuclear weaponry.  In his autobiography, President Reagan said “She thinks I am wrong and that she is against everything I stand for.”

During the interview, Davis said that she apologized to her mother years ago and that their relationship eventually improved.  At the same time, Davis says that their relationship is no “Hallmark card.”

I can’t imagine that we’ll be seeing Patti Davis at the next NRA meeting.  But it’s good to see that families with opposing views don’t have to hate each other just because one member decides to shout “Democrat” and the other side decides to shout “Republican.”

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