Assorted assholes ruin hippies’ Earth Hour


Hippies in Australia attempted to raise awareness of global warming by guilt-tripping the civilized world into an “Earth Hour” on Sunday.  People were convinced to power down all non-essential electronics for a solid 60 minutes.  Proving their current status as the Party of No, Republicans on the weblog Red State decided to counter Earth Hour with “The Hour of Power.”



Republicans, who will later complain about the gigantic taxes on energy, decided to show those damn hippies by turning on every goddamn light in their house, doing their laundry, cleaning their oven, and creating a grid of Tesla coils that shocked an endangered Snowy Owl every six seconds.

Real testimonies can be found in the comments section of the blog.  I’m glad they have a viable alternative energy plan, otherwise this would come off as incredibly petty…

RWP Rating: Bizarre



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