Former Wall Streeters are now spinning around the stripper pole


Some might say that strippers lack moral clarity.  But these days, many more would say that the purest of moral depravity is saturated in the asphalt of Wall Street.  But to people who need money to pay for an apartment in Manhattan, typical morality is a luxury they can ill afford.

Showgirls, a groundbreaking film.

Showgirls, a cinematic marvel.

Wall Street has faced a lot of layoffs in the last year.  From Lehman Brothers to Merrill Lynch, the nation’s leading financial institutions can’t put up the big numbers any more.  But have no fear.  Rick’s Cabaret, a strip club in New York City, can put up more important numbers.  36DDs.

That’s right.  At least three (the NY Post says “scores” by I think they’re full of shit) former employees at Wall Street mega-firms are financing their six figure lives by showing some good old fashioned T n’ A.   Randi Newton, a former financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, Katie Haverton, a former real estate broker, and Beth, a former something or other on Wall Street (article doesn’t say), now strip in the clubs of Manhattan.

Newton claims that incidents of sexual harassment have actually diminished since she began working at Rick’s.  Now an independent contractor, Newton says that she is able to make nearly $160,000/year in tips alone.

Haverton has seen similar good fortune.  “With dancing, the money is instant. Now that I make better money as a stripper than as a real-estate agent, I’m going to buy my own apartment.”

I find it oddly amusing that the Strip Club industry is unfazed by the economic crisis.  You’d think that as people tighten their belts, they’d find much cheaper ways of gawking at the body of a naked woman.

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One Response to “Former Wall Streeters are now spinning around the stripper pole”

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    […] strippers to be Co-CEOs of Bank of America By Joel Lightly Randi Newton and Katie Haverton, former Wall Streeters by day and strippers by night, have accepted President Obama’s request to act as Co-CEOs of the troubled Bank of America.  […]

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