Kentucky drinkers stocking up on booze before new law takes effect


Kentucky drinkers will be greeted with an extra 6% sales tax on alcohol beginning Wednesday April 1, after the Kentucky General Assembly approved the tax last month.   Cigarette packs will also see an additional $.30 tax.

Kentucky native Torry Lemp and his brother Terry Lemp spent, Sunday afternoon stocking up on their favorite liquor.  The two brothers shopped at Liquor Barn, a local store that now advertises the current price of booze as well as the price after the tax hike. Lemp says that, “That’s why we’re here. Last time I was in here, I thought ‘I have to be back here before the tax kicks in on the first.”

The president of Liquor Barn says that opposition is growing to the new law.  “We’re seeing some response from it. It’s not huge but it’s building.”

The state of Kentucky is world-renowned for its kickass whiskey.  In fact, Bourbon whiskey is named for Bourbon County, Kentucky.   Are these taxes a good idea?  I’m not sure.  So many states are experiencing huge fucking deficits next year, so the shortfall cash has to come from somewhere.

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