Rush Limbaugh runs away from New York state income tax obligations


Rush Limbaugh has had it with the state of New York.  After years of maintaining a a condo in New York and paying the state’s income taxes, he is looking for another place to vacation when hurricane season hits in Florida.

Oxycontin will make you rich.

Oxycontin will make you rich.

The multimillionaire is particularly perturbed by Governor David Paterson’s decision to raise the income tax in order to make up for next year’s deficit.  Rush doesn’t yet know which state he will run away to when the rains come.  High on his list of priorities is, you guessed it, low state income taxes.  Texas is looking good, as the state has no income tax, at least for now.

Here is a partial transcript from today’s show:

New York is the escape valve in case hurricanes are showing up in our area, because of the loss of electricity. So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to look for an alternative studio somewhere outside New York, perhaps Texas — another no-income-tax state — and I’m going to get the hell over there, when a hurricane starts coming our way, ’cause I told Mayor Bloomberg: I’ll be the first to lead the way. You know, this is just… I’ll sell my apartment. I’ll sell my condominium. I’m going to get out of there totally, ’cause this is just absurd, and it’s ridiculous — and it isn’t going to work. It’s punishing the achievers for the mistakes and the lack of discipline on the part of a bunch of corrupt politicians that have run that city and state into the ground for I don’t know how many years — and I, for one, am not going to take the blame for it.

They’re going to praise Paterson for driving me out, even though I am rarely there anyway. Or, instead of a slogan, like: “New York: It’s Never Enough,” the I love New York campaigns, “You May Love New York, But New York Doesn’t Like You.” That ought to be another slogan that Governor Paterson ought to employ.

What a fucking baby.

It’s pretty amusing that the man who says he speaks for middle America only really spends time on the beaches in Miami and in the urban jungle of downtown New York.  Any bets that Limbaugh chooses one of the three big cities in Texas to call home?  I don’t think you’ll see him shacking up with the tumbleweeds in Crawford.

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3 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh runs away from New York state income tax obligations”

  1. CJP Says:

    Rush Limbaugh says that Obama’s failure is the only hope we have “to maintain the America of our founding”. When Rush talks about “the only hope we’ve got to maintain the America of our founding”, he is referring to the two things he liked most about “the America of our founding” — the perpetuation of slavery, and the Constitutional definition of a black man as 3/5 of a person. That’s “the America of our founding” which Rush most admires and which he would most like to maintain. He’s also ready to flee New York so he can avoid paying any New York State income taxes. What a truly Great American Rush Limbaugh is.

  2. Rita Ree Says:

    CIP- you have not listened to Rush. Rush is for freedom for all Americans. Please do not make up things about someone you have obviously not listened to. Try listening and you will see Rush is for freedom for even you.

  3. Joel Lightly Says:

    Rita, I wonder what you mean by freedom. Is Rush for the freedom to torture people in Guantanamo Bay? Is he for the freedom to not pay income taxes and demand suitable roads for his SUVs?

    If Rush could nail down a definition for freedom, then I’d be interested.

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