Bill O’Reilly threatens to boycott Spain


Proving my old assertion that it is perfectly normal for Bill O’Reilly to get paid to say inappropriate things, Papa Bear told his loyal audience last night that he wouldn’t visit Spain if they continue with their investigation of Bush Administration officials.

Why is this inappropriate?  Because he chooses to attack Gonzalo Boye, a man who served time in 1996 for participating in terrorist kidnappings.  Boye was convicted of helping the ETA, a Basque-nationalist terrorist organization.  Bill-O really nailed those libs now!  But wait, since his conviction Boye has been a staunch defender of human rights.  Not only that, but O’Reilly fails to mention that the case is out of Boye’s hands.

The investigative judge Baltasar Garzon is now considering whether the case established by Boye is sufficient grounds for the arrest of Alberto Gonzalez, John Yoo, and others.  Garzon has investigated several terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda and Basque nationalist groups.  Portraying the entire team of Spanish investigators as far-left loonies is disingenuous.  Garzon has tried, investigated, and issued arrest warrants for everyone from right-wing dictator Augusto Pinochet to left wing revolutionaries like the Zapatista Army.

It’s not so much that Bill O’s hackery bothers me.  It’s that members of his audience are going to stay up at night and hate on the Spanish court that is trying to Protect the American Constitution.  John Yoo and Alberto Gonzalez are disgusting.  By defending them, you spit on the very reasons why this country was established.

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4 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly threatens to boycott Spain”

  1. Chris Alvarado Says:

    I saw Rachel Maddow do a show on this. Was on Facebook so I looked for a cause to support Spain’s torture inquiry. I didnt find one so I made one.

    New cause to support Spain’s inquiry of Bush admin officials who created a legal framework to justify torture in violation of the Geneva Convention.

  2. Jordan Dorenfeld Says:

    First of all, what does Zapatero’s political background (him being a “Socialist”) have to do with the cause of the suit or the actions of the Spanish court? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

    Secondly, are we telling the world if you play our game (international and/or domestic law), and we cheat, you cannot call us out without extreme repercussions (i.e. a boycott on Spain)? Respect for the law is something everybody must have, not simply Spanish. The international laws are for all who signed them into law to follow, not just those on the left or right of a country’s political landscape. Again, laws are not to be looked at or claimed by a group of people, rather they are to be truly followed. Those who let the Bush lawyers off are hurting the system not helping, and that needs to be clearly seen by all. The same people who refuse to let blacks from getting off for even the most minor of drug offenses sure are willing to let high-profile lawyers off with a lot. Then again, hypocrisy and contradiction are to O’Reilly’s stories as meth-labs are to American suburbia. Oops, admitted a fault of America; am I a terrorist Bill?


    Jordan D.

    • Joel Lightly Says:

      I completely agree with the “respect for the law” stuff. It actually reminds me of the current Auto bailout. If you watch Fox lately, you’ll see them defending the AIG contracts, yet telling the United Auto Workers that their contracts have to be renegotiated.

      What’s terrible is that the AIG bonus contracts are for the people that screwed up. The UAW workers didn’t do anything wrong. And yet Fox anchors defend AIG while demanding that the car companies break the UAW contracts.

      It’s just so transparent to anyone that can rub a couple brain cells together.

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