Conficker computer virus destroys alleged Ashley Biden video


The man who allegedly recorded Ashley Biden snorting cocaine experienced some tough luck Wednesday morning.  The Conficker computer virus evolved at midnight last night and completely destroyed his local hard drive and his USB device that contained copies of the video.

The Conficker virus is the worst computer virus to date.

The Conficker virus is the worst computer virus to date.

After his lawyer Tom Dunlap quit on Monday, the man hired Aaron Ferguson, a civil disputes lawyer from New Hampshire to handle the negotiations.  Ferguson’s past clients include Ferris Otherby and Olga Levinitz, a couple that gained international fame last year for suing their neighbor Alexa Feroli.  After being asked to take off her shoes at the door, Levinitz stepped on a small nail burrowed in Feroli’s carpet.

Otherby and Levinitz won the lawsuit in November and immediately headed to the emergency room.  Otherby defended their bizarre behavior.  “We didn’t have enough money earlier to go to the hospital, so we decided to wait until we won the lawsuit to get it taken care of.”  Judge Paril Folo defended the verdict.  “After the gangrene set in, it was difficult to stay in court for more than an hour because of the smell.  We took a lot of breaks.”

Ferguson contends that the audio portion of the Ashley Biden video is still intact.  “We’ve examined what’s left of the tape and still want the case to move forward.  We are now selling the tape for $50,000, as you can still hear Ms. Biden snorting the cocaine.”

The Biden family has had no comment on this developing story.

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Full Story: The Delaware Post


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One Response to “Conficker computer virus destroys alleged Ashley Biden video”

  1. OMG Says:

    eazy come eazy go
    Then there’s the Obama factor

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