Glenn Beck allegedly sued over 9/12 project


Early Wednesday morning, Glenn Beck allegedly received a phone call from the lawyers behind the 9/11 Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emergency relief during national disasters.  According to preliminary reports, Beck’s Project may require a name change or face legal consequences.

Glenn Beck is super serial.

Glenn Beck is super serial.

Beck recently started a movement called the 9/12 Project.  A melodramatic attempt to capitalize on the worst tragedy in American history, nearly 8 years after the fact.  The name 9/12 refers to the country’s feelings the day after 9/11 as well as 9 principles and 12 values that Beck believes will offend the least number of Fox-watchers while still causing enough criticism to raise his ratings.

The controversey originated when Beck decided to remove one of his 12 values from the organization’s leger.  After defending the bonuses AIG executives received in the last week, Beck made the decision that “Thrift” needed to be removed from his list of 12 values.

After Thrift was removed, the organization had no choice but to fall into the new name The 9/11 Project, creating a conflict with the non-profit.  “It’s Unamerican, what they are doing,” said a spokesperson for Beck. “Personal responsibility is one of our most important values.  These handouts they give, they don’t help anyone.”

Beck could not be reached for comment.  However, a tearful apology or a tearful tirade involving the 9/11 Project is expected on Thursday night’s show.

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2 Responses to “Glenn Beck allegedly sued over 9/12 project”

  1. Robert Jones Says:

    Dear readers-

    I like Glenn! He tells it like it is and not scared to take on Obama and his radical ideas. We need more like Beck, Mike Lavin, and Lou Dobbs. Go Glenn!

    With respect,
    Robert Jones
    A Blue Dog (Reagan ) Democrat

  2. Silence Dogood Says:

    Glenn Beck is the biggest ‘flim-flam’ artist since PT Barnum, and he’s cutting a ‘profit’ on the loss of others.

    Colbert got it right, is a self serving attempt for Beck to make yet more money off of families he claims he ‘hates’ (he said it himself on 9/9/05) Beck claims 9/11 families complain too much, while he laughs all the way to the bank!

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