Obama tells mayor of Washington DC that he supports legalizing marijuana in the city limits


President Barack Obama told Mayor of Washington D.C. Adrian Fenty early Wednesday morning that he would support City Council Bill 041 that allows for small quantities of marijuana to be purchased, sold, and used within the city limits.

Marijuana may soon be legalized in the city limits of Washington D.C.

Bill 041 was drafted in late February by Archie Foster, a representative from Ward 9, and has had some difficulty getting through the city’s budget committee.    Obama said Wednesday that the budget deficit in Washington was unprecedented and that the city should examine all avenues for potential revenue.  “I don’t think people should use marijuana,” he said. “But we have to act responsibly in this volatile economy.  If the city cannot find another way of generating revenue, then Bill 041 should be adopted.”

Fenty was surprised by the President’s endorsement.  “I’ve urged our city council members to examine every resource at our disposal.  We still haven’t decided for certain what we’re going to do.”

Fenty has been mayor of Washington only two years.  “This is not what I expected to be doing when I came into office,” he said. “But I’m encouraged by any help we can receive from the people at the Capitol.”

Bill 041 does carry some strict regulations for marijuana use.  The plants will undergo scrutiny from the Washington Board of Public Health before they are dispatched to city-approved distribution centers.  The sunset clause on the Bill ends April 1st, 2010.

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Full Story: Washington Post-Intelligencer


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