Seattle GOP leader imprisoned in Nicaragua for biological warfare


Arianna Favela is stuck in a prison in Nicaragua.  Favela is the head of the GOP Political Action Committee “County First,” an organization dedicated to electing Republicans in King County, Washington.

An agent of biological warfare

An agent of biological warfare

Favela departed from the United States on March 27th to visit a friend in Nicaragua, but she ran into trouble immediately after getting off the plane.   Her husband Arik Favela explains, “They checked her luggage at customs and found an apple that she packed in her carry-on.  She didn’t eat it during her layover in Dallas.  And by the time she got to customs it was too late to declare it.”

Nicaragua is one of the leading exporters of fruits in Central America.  Customs officials demand that no produce be allowed into the country for fear of foreign parasites.

“She doesn’t speak much Spanish, so when they asked her about the apple, she tried as best she could.  They seized her luggage and took her to a room to ask questions.”

Even with the spread of globalization, most in Nicaragua do not speak English.  An interpreter could not be found so they took Favela to an undisclosed prison where she was able to call her husband.

“They gave her one phone call.  She called and said that I should contact the American Embassy in Nicaragua.  You know what I told her?  Why didn’t you call them in the first place?  I’m not going to give her a handout just because she got herself in a this situation.  She’s got to pull herself up from her bootstraps.”

Arik Favela has since moved on from his life with Arianna.  “I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  That phone call was just a microcosm of America these days.  Too many people that are looking for everyone else to bail them out.  Well, I was against the bailout from the start.  You can quote me on that.”

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Full Story: King County Chronicle


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