Nebraska lawmakers vote to give guards guns in churches


The Nebraska state legislature has approved a bill that allows security guards at churches to carry guns while on duty.  Before the bill was passed, Nebraska was only one of twelve states that banned guns in places of worship.

The Swiss Guard doesnt need no fucking guns!

The Swiss Guard don't need no fucking guns!

The new law will trump any city ordinances against the use of handguns in churches.  Nebraska does allow its citizens to carry concealed weapons, but they were still prohibited from churches, courthouses, banks, jails, government meetings, and sporting events.

This bill is probably a decent idea, so long as the security guards have received proper training.  It’s still kind of an odd necessity these days.

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2 Responses to “Nebraska lawmakers vote to give guards guns in churches”

  1. Dimensio Says:

    I believe that this bill should be passed not because it is “necessary”, but because it is inherently unconstitutional and unreasonable to prevent, by force of law, the management of a “house of worship” from establishing their own policy regarding the possession of firearms upon the premises, when the management of other private institutions are free to allow firearms if they so choose.

    • Joel Lightly Says:

      Not exactly. Churches can have restrictions made on them by the state and federal governments because they are non-taxed institutions. There are stipulations that go along with that.

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