Seattle to vote on imposing bag fees on shoppers


Seattle voters will go to the polls in August and vote on a measure that will charge “bag fees” at all retail and grocery stores in order to encourage people to bring their own canvas bags.

American Chemistry Council filmaker believes plastic bags are the future.

American Chemistry Council filmmaker believes plastic bags are the future.

The bill would charge Seattleites $.20 for each plastic bag they take from a store.  Bag fees were actually supposed to be imposed earlier.  Last July, the City Council voted and approved an ordinance that would have gone into effect on January 1, 2009.  That’s when the evil plastic bag lobbyist increased pressure on the city.  The American Chemistry Council managed to convince the City Council to rethink the issue.  The city then decided that they would put pass the buck to the public.

These lobbying firms have the most hypocritical names.  On what planet do chemists encourage More plastic bag use?  It’d be like calling a Fast Food lobbying group “The Cardiology Council.”

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Full Story: Seattle Post-Intelligencer


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