Talking Point: America is a republic, not a democracy


Where it started:

Where it was repeated: Glenn Beck has been yammering on and on about it quite a bit lately.  It is one of the featured videos on his 9-12 project website.  It’s pretty ironic that he has both the previous video as well as an article entitled “We Surround Them” on his site.  Which do you want Beck?  The rule of law or rule of the masses?

Why it’s stupid: Well, it’s pretty clear that we do have a Republic and not a Democracy.  It’s not like we have American Idol style courts in the United States where you call in to vote for whether or not Timothy McVeigh should have a seat on Old Sparky.   However, in Democratic Republic, it is necessary for the masses to be able to change the rules and laws of the Republic.

Imagine if a leader decided to impose Sharia law in the United States.  Enough checks and balances are in place that the masses (through representation in Congress) could overthrow that ruling.

Why they are doing it: Barack Obama is really popular right now.  Diehard Fox News viewers are going nuts because the people around them actually approve of this “Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/Communist.”  They have no other place to go than to the comfort of ancient law.


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