Bachmann implies that Obama is creating Hitler-youth like program


Michelle Bachmann, idiot Congresswoman from Minnesota, cannot appear in public without fear mongering the fuck out of every moron that takes her drivel seriously.   This weekend, Bachmann appeared on Sue Jeffers radio show and continued her streak.

Jeffers actually wants Bachmann to run for the Senate.  I can’t imagine that happening considering that Bachmann only very narrowly won her Republican-leaning district in 2008.  The entire state of Minnesota won’t put up with her nonsense, right?  It really makes you guys look bad.

Anyway, Bachmann continues with her metaphor of “being behind enemy lines” in Washington.  This kind of talk incites violence.  It did during the days of Joe McCarthy and George Wallace and it does now.  Her substance isn’t even worth my time.  It’s so laced with bullshit and banalities that her opinion cannot be trusted.  The good people of Minnesota have got to fix this lapse in their thinking in 2010.   Our forgiveness won’t last forever.  One of these days, I’ll have to pull a Bill O’Reilly if you keep electing these chumps.

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