Georgia threatens to secede, dismantle United States


Whatever happened to the patriotism of the right wing?  Only love your country when you’re in power?  The Georgia Senate passed a measure on April 1 that says that if a bill is passed banning assault rifles, then Georgia has the right to supersede federal law, effectively seceding from the national government.

You may want to stock up on peaches before they get duty taxed.

You may want to stock up on peaches before they get duty taxed.

Senate Bill 632 says that the federal government has no jurisdiction in Georgia except for crimes involving piracy, treason, and slavery.   They may want to rethink that treason bit.   The bill dictates that if the state determines that a federal law exceeds the reach of the national government, the state maintains the right to secede from the Union.   Bill 632 passed with a whopping 43-1 vote.

You may already know my stance on this one.  Go ahead, Georgia.  With your crumbling schools and $2 billion deficit, how do you think you’ll fare without the United States government?  Once again, stupid posturing from lawmakers at the state level to attempt to appease Becktards everywhere.

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4 Responses to “Georgia threatens to secede, dismantle United States”

  1. Lance R. Haynie Says:


    I will try to make this one short. I think my comment on your post about the tea parties was longer than the post it’s self.

    I do not think it’s secession to go that route. States have their rights, the original had to ratify the constitution. If not for the states the fed would not exist, not the other way around.

    I think the federal government has a bit more involvement than the issues stated. However, it should be limited more than it is now. If you want to debate gun policy though I would love to do that. I have been itching to have a true discussion on that issue with an opposing view that is not just “you are wrong and stupid.” Which is what I always tend to get.

  2. Joel Lightly Says:

    My biggest problem with gun policy is that the laws currently in place are not being upheld. We need to actually enforce the laws already on the books. Too many assault weapons are going over the border into Mexico from the United States.

    I just think it’s stupid for a state to threaten to secede. Did Massachusetts do the same thing when Bush threatened to sign a federal amendment banning gay marriage? No. This is sour grapes from a bunch of cry babies.

    • Lance R. Haynie Says:

      Oh I agree 100% there; I for the life of me can not figure out why we are not enforcing the gun laws on the books.

      However, if Georgia wants to secede by all means let them. If a majority of the state wants to I do not believe we have the right to stop them. That could just be me though.

  3. Charles Says:

    In reality it isn’t the gun law that would be the reason for Georgia passing this. It’s actually the issue of States’ Rights, which has been going on since the creation of our United States. As of now there are at least 30 other states that have passed similar bills dealing with the federal government going to far with the states.

    And for me, I personally think that some things should be left to the states, such as gun laws and gay marriage. Although I don’t agree with gay marriage, although I think civil unions might be ok, I don’t think a constitutional amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage is right. I think states should be the ones to decide in this case just as we already are.

    My overall thought is that this is reallu just a case of the federal government not listening to the states’ and people’s concerns and infringing on states’ rights. This argument of trying to find the balance of states’ rights and the federal government will continue to go on for many many more years, especially considering our forefathers couldn’t even hammer it out exactly.

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