Lazy conservatives hold Tea Party on Second Life


These motherfuckers really aren’t used to protesting.  After 8 years of quietly attempting to defend their vote for the worst President in the modern era, conservatives are only slowly regaining their ability to defy authority.   In this spirit, hundreds of conservatives virtually gathered on Second Life and held their own Tax Day Tea Party.

Fraud Paine!

Fraud Paine!

Baby steps?  More like fetus steps with this one.   Check out all the pictures on Wonkette.

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Full Story: Wonkette


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4 Responses to “Lazy conservatives hold Tea Party on Second Life”

  1. Lance R. Haynie Says:

    I am not quite about voting for Bush, I think if you really want to discuss worst president of modern times its Carter though. I will admit though he is no were near perfect. However, the other options were way worse.

    I am getting tired of having to vote for the lesser of the evils that’s for sure. John McCain was not a candidate of choice by any means. He is more closely aligned with Obama than conservatives if you ask me. Of course now hes trying to appear like he is.

  2. Joel Lightly Says:

    I think everyone is tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. I’d love to see a Kucinich vs. Paul presidential election. But the media is only content with certain candidates.

  3. d.eris Says:

    If you are sick of voting for the lesser of two evils, the simplest solution is simply not to do so any more. Find a candidate and party that upholds the values and positions which represent your own and vote for them. Why throw your vote away on a Republicrat or a Demoblican?

  4. Joel Lightly Says:

    So long as the Democrats and Republicans are the only parties backed by big business, the media will only cover candidates from those two parties. The way I see it, there is only a loose mold in the US for a Dem or a Rep. You have Tom Ridge, Ron Paul, and Eric Cantor as Republicans, while Evan Bayh, Max Baucus, and Dennis Kucinich are Democrats. The tent for both parties is large.

    The problem is that the electorate doesn’t vote on issues, they vote on marketing campaigns, perpetuated by the media. This will continue in an society with the gap in wealth we have between the rich and the poor.

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