Louisiana man arrested for defamation of local police chief picked up by ACLU


UPDATE: I completely fucked up this story.  There was no op-ed piece.  It was an email written by Simmons to the newspaper.

A lot of people have problems with the ACLU.   Whether it’s defending the rights of illegal immigrants or demanding stringent political correctness, many people in the United States feel like the ACLU is just an organization of lefty loonies that do harm to the United States.  It’s an incredibly naive way of thinking if you recognize all the good the organization has done, especially in regards to the crimes of the Bush Administration.  But this story isn’t about that.

You want them on your side.

When the shit hits the fan, you want them on your side.

Enter Bobby Felix Simmons, a man from Layfayette, Louisiana that wrote a controversial op-ed for the local newspaper sent a controversial email to the local newspaper.  In the article email, Simmons said that the police chief was getting a free pass on allegations of improper conduct in the press.  Now you may think that the worst that could happen to Simmons is that he is taken to task in a subsequent op-ed, but Mamou police chief Greg Dupuis doesn’t roll that way.

Rather than publicly denouncing the op-ed, Dupuis had Simmons arrested in his home for public defamation.  Simmons maintains that Dupuis is trying to take away his civil rights and the ACLU agrees.

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Full Story: Shreveport Times


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4 Responses to “Louisiana man arrested for defamation of local police chief picked up by ACLU”

  1. jonolan Says:

    “If you go to the editorial section of a newspaper, you shouldn’t expect 100% fact.”

    And therein lays the basis for the Mamou police chief’s charges against Simmons. While the truth is the perfect defense in any case involving defamation, it must be 100% truth.

    I haven’t read Simmons’ OpEd piece so I don’t really know whether the ACLU is right or not in defending him. Given that this is the ACLU and that law enforcement is involved, I doubt that they care about the legitimacy of their case though.

    While the ACLU has done some good – mostly inadvertently – they’re essentially an organization that will do anything to attack the government and law enforcement on any and every issue that they can.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Not if they published it.

  3. tony Says:

    The emails were never made public and were seen only by the editor at the paper

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