Rapid City, South Dakota considers ban on feeding ducks


Rapid City is a fucking tourist trap.  There are no real jobs there.  If you want to work as a ticket-taker for the world’s largest Flintstones diorama, then I suggest you move to Rapid City.

The duck population is out of control.

The duck population is out of control.

And as a city of 70% sucker tourists, the City Council has found a way to shake even more money from the pockets of passers.  If the measure passes, feeding the city’s ducks will come at a heavy cost.  The fines are as follows:

A warning only for the remainder of 2009, a $25 fine plus court cost of about $50 in 2010 and a $50 fine and costs in 2011. In 2012, it would have a full-blown municipal fine schedule with a maximum of $500.

Five hundred fucking dollars for feeding a duck.  The sponsors of the bill say that it is the most humane way to reduce the growing flocks of birds.

Here is my idea:

  1. Feed them all you want.
  2. Shoot ducks in the face.
  3. Sell to nearest Chinese food restaurant.

Buy local, people.

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Full Story: Rapid City Journal


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