Iowa judge stops performing marriage in order to stop the gay storm


The gay storm is coming and Third District Magistrate Francis Honrath says that he will no longer perform marriages in the state of Iowa.  Honrath said, “The Supreme Court ruling had something to do with it, but the truth is it’s not just same-sex marriage I had problems with.”

My go-to jpeg for gay storm related stories.

My go-to jpeg for gay storm related stories.

Honrath is a Catholic.  The Catholic Church rejects gay marriage and will not soon approve of it, despite priest buggery.  But do you know what else the Catholic Church is opposed to?  Getting married by a judge rather than a priest.  Yes, if Honrath were to marry any couple, and that couple were to have sex, then according to the Catholic Church they have committed adultery because they are not truly married.

I shit you not.

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Full Story: Des Moines Register


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7 Responses to “Iowa judge stops performing marriage in order to stop the gay storm”

  1. David Says:

    What is so surprising about this? The Church thinks marriage is a covenental bond, a sacrament. But see how much you know? It’s not the priest that marries the couple, the couple vow to each other. The priest is God’s witness to the profession of vows. So when a JOP does the witnessing, it’s not sacramental. Also there’s 6 months of preparation a Catholic couple must go through before professing vows. A JOP has nothing like this.

  2. Joel Lightly Says:

    So I assume any person can stand in for the priest, right? If he’s just a witness?

    What sense does it make for a Catholic to be a JOP and then quit because of his moral misgivings about marrying gay people? You’re not being consistent.

  3. David Says:

    Has to be Catholic and ordained. This guy is a judge, who happens to sometimes marry people. He finally realized his faith doesn’t permit it. Many people don’t really understand what their faith entails, but when they find out, they put a stop to it. Like the couple who’s living together until one realizes that they aren’t living like Jesus wanted and have to stop cold turkey, move out, and finally live a moral life. God is the only consistency…

    • Joel Lightly Says:

      So you’re trying to argue that this Justice just so happen to figure out that his chosen profession conflicts with the Catholic Church mere days before he will be legally obligated to marry gay couples?

      That’s a hell of a coincidence.

    • Michael Falstaff Says:

      This is an interesting question. And since I personally know the magistrate, I can answer that his decision is not “a hell of a coincidence”; rather, he had struggled with the idea of whether or not a Catholic can, in good faith, “perform” or “witness” civil marriages. After the law was passed in IA, he discovered that he was not actually obligated by his official, civil capacity to “witness” said marriages. At this point he will no longer “perform” any marriages, with the exception of those he has already contracted to do.

      The question that remains for me is this: What is the Catholic Church’s position on Catholic civil officer “performing” civil marriages? I’d love to find out.

      • Joel Lightly Says:

        The Catholic Church does not recognize any civil marriage. Therefore, if a man and woman who are married by a Justice of the Peace have sex, they are committing adultery because they are not truly married.

        So…I can’t imagine that they look too fondly on Catholic JOPs.

  4. David Says:

    You have to pull the trigger in order to fire the gun. I’m not saying what triggered his sudden reversion to his faith. Why don’t you go there and ask him?

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