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Quick Link: Taliban officials execute couple accused of adultery (DISTURBING VIDEO)

April 27, 2009

I have to warn you.  This video is very real and very disturbing.  I think it’s important for people to watch these types of videos in order to understand the conditions that these people live under.  The Taliban is gaining strength in Pakistan right now.  Aren’t you glad all our troops are in Iraq?

Video: Telegraph

Quick Link: Freddie Mac CFO commits suicide

April 22, 2009

David Kellerman, the CFO of Freddie Mac, was found dead this morning in his home.  According to CNN, Kellerman was hanged in an apparent suicide.   No suicide note has been released to the public.

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Full Story: CNN

Quick Link: What does 420 really mean?

April 20, 2009

The Huffington Post published an excellent investigative article this morning centered on the origin of 4/20.  Smokers from the present and past may enjoy it.

Full Story: Huffington Post

Quick Link: West Virginia employment manager uses position to get son sweet jobs

April 7, 2009

Mary Jane Bowling is a nice mother.  She used her position as West Virginia employment programs’ office manager to secure her son’s company with government contracts.

Mmm…corruption at its finest.

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Full Story: Charleston Gazette

Quick Link: Michael Moore moves to Cuba for cuisine

April 1, 2009

Oscar winning documentary writer and producer Michael Moore has decided to move to Cuba.  After tasting Cuban cuisine for the first time in a chic San Francisco cafe, Moore craves the meats, beans, and plantains on a more consistent basis.  When asked for comment, a spokesperson for the filmmaker said, “Michael will still visit the United States when he needs to exploit liberal guilt.  But he prefers a lethargic lifestyle on the beach.  Really, he’s a lot like Hemingway.”

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Full Story: The Dunge Retort

Quick Link: Michelle Malkin writes a loathsome article about death of Natasha Richardson

March 31, 2009

“Well, hello Opportunity!”  thought Michelle Malkin as she leafed through the obituary section in the New York Post.

Apparently, “CanadaCare” is responsible for the death of Natasha Richardson.  Cunt is too kind a word for Malkin.

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Full Story:

Quick Link: Renegade politicians in Alaska defy billboard laws

March 30, 2009

Usually politicians wait until after they get into office before resorting to illegal activities.  But in Alaska, it’s not illegal until someone arrests you.

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Quick Link: Republican judge wants to legalize marijuana

March 29, 2009

Jim Gray, a former judge in Orange County, wants to legalize marijuana immediately in order to stop the violence in Mexico.

Politicians get reelected talking tough regarding the war on drugs.  Do you want to hear the speech? Vote for Gray. I will put drug dealers in jail and save your children.

FULL STORY: Los Angeles Times

Quick Link: Top lobbyists give to Congress. Congress gives back in spades.

March 29, 2009

An article written by Robert Dorrell and Shane Goldmacher at the Sacramento Bee shows how the biggest lobbyists don’t just throw money at Congress for no reason.  They invest in Congress and are paid back in spades.