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US Marine arrested in Boston airport with guns and explosives in luggage

April 20, 2009

Justin Reed, a United States Marine from North Carolina, was arrested at Logan International Airport in Boston after guns and explosives were found in his checked luggage.   Just days after a report from the Department of Homeland Security warned of an incline in right-wing extremism that may permeate our military, Reed will become the poster child of current conservative tomfoolery.

If it were a black person, Fox would talk about the rise of militant blacks in the US.

If it were a black person, Fox would talk about the rise of militant blacks in the US.

The scary part of this report is that Boston was Reed’s destination city and not his departure.  TSA officials in Las Vegas apparently missed:

A locked handgun box containing a semi-automatic handgun, a fully loaded gun magazine, several boxes of 9 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition, three model rocket engines containing an explosive mixture, military pull-type fuses, switches, electronics kit boxes with various components, and a hand grenade fuse assembly with detonator.

So when a gun shaped device goes through a metal detector, a TSA official in Las Vegas doesn’t bother to check it out?  I can imagine that bomb components can be any matter of shapes and sizes, but to miss a handgun in inexcusable.

Any bets that Fox won’t even report this news tomorrow?

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Full Story: The Boston Globe


Strange: Oregon Democrat causes a scene at Portland airport

March 22, 2009

Peter DeFazio, a representative from Oregon’s 4th district, found himself in an embarrassing situation at the Portland International Airport last Monday.  While flying back to Washington D.C., DeFazio was allegedly singled out for special additional security and lost his temper with TSA officials.

Look at that fucking moustache!

Look at that fucking moustache!

According to an airport source, DeFazio called the additional security measures “stupid” and “bullshit.”  Extra security officials were called when the congressman grew agitated.  DeFazio claims that he doesn’t remember using obscenities, but that the TSA was “wasting resources” on conducting the additional security measures.

You may laugh it off as the ramblings of an entitled congressman, but DeFazio currently serves as a senior member of the House Transportation Committee.  Then again, he probably should have just turned his head and coughed like the rest of us.

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