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Hookers from Moonlite Bunny Ranch testify for tax on prostitution

April 9, 2009

Nevada, the only state in the United States with legalized prostitution, is now considering adding a $5 tax to each sex act performed.  Surprisingly, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most infamous brothel in the country, has come out in support of the new tax.

I'll take the one on the right.

I'll take the one on the right.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch gained pop culture fame with the HBO series Cathouse.  Owner Dennis Hof, employee Madame Suzette, and hookers Airforce Amy, Brooke Taylor, and Chloe Daniels testified in favor of the tax.  Because of Nevada’s budget shortfall, the state is in need of new ways to generate Revenue.  Airforce Amy said, “If $5 per person can raise $2 million a year, I’m all for it.”

Since prostitution was legalized in Nevada in 1978, the state has never taxed it.  This seems like a pretty good way of making some revenue for the state.  You have to figure that a lot of the people that utilize Nevada’s unique laws are from out of state, so they aren’t even taking from the Nevada economy at large.  I find it a bit bizarre that hookers and owners of brothels would actively campaign for more taxation, but I suppose it helps with their public image.

Hell, they know how to get in the news and I doubt that an extra $5 is going to deter any of their potential clients.  Good call, Nevada.

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Full Story: Nevada Appeal

Republican Governor accused of hanky-panky with Playboy playmate

April 7, 2009

Dawn Gibbons is accusing her husband, Republican Governor of Nevada Jim Gibbons, of having an affair with Playboy playmate Leslie Durant in divorce papers that were unsealed Monday.   Jim Gibbons maintains that Durant and another woman he allegedly had an affair with were just friends.

Nah, dude.  I'll pass.

Nah, dude. I'll pass.

Jim Gibbons was allegedly quite the texter.  Between Playmate Durant and Kathy Karrasch, the good governor sent more than 860 messages from his state-owned cell phone.  Jim Gibbons maintains that the text messages were for “state business,” while Dawn Gibbons and the rest of the rational world find that claim “laughable.”  Dawn says that her husband “has had similar relationships with many other women during the marriage.”

Gov. Gibbons apologized last year for the messages and reimbursed the state for their cost, but never admitted to the affairs.  He maintains that the divorce is the result of his wife’s aggression and their incompatibility.  The Gibbons were married in 1986.

You would think that the good Governor would have found out about his wife’s alleged “aggression” sometime within the first twenty years of their marriage.  And let’s be honest.  There are plenty of hotter Playmates in Nevada than Ms. Durant.  Maybe she’s better in person, but the pics I’ve found scream Daryl Hannah + Crack – Talent.

Jim Gibbons currently boasts a 90% voting record from the Christian Coalition.   He was once a Representative from Nevada, and ascended to the Governorship in 2006 amid accusations of assault and employing an illegal immigrant for a nanny.  Gibbons has been busy in his two short years as Governor of Nevada, quickly descending to being one of the least popular Governors in the nation because of his shenanigans.

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Full Story: Reno Gazette-Journal