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California Democrat nailed for trying to reduce charges against Israeli spies

April 20, 2009

The National Security Agency is about to release an entire uterus-worth of period blood all over California Democratic Representative Jane Harman’s face.   NSA officials wiretapped Harman and discovered that she was planning to lobby the Justice Department for reduced sentences for two American Israeli Public Affairs Committee officials that are currently being held for espionage.  In exchange for helping AIPAC, Israeli agents offered to lobby then Majority leader Nancy Pelosi to appoint Harman chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

I cannot confirm or deny that Harman also broke the trade embargo with Cuba.

I cannot confirm or deny that Harman also broke the trade embargo with Cuba.

All this shit went down in 2006 after the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives.   What’s really bizarre in this story is that Harman realized that she may have been wiretapped during the phone call.  Like anyone that has just left a paper bag of dog crap on their neighbor’s doorstep, Harman quickly ran for the proverbial bushes saying:

This conversation doesn’t exist.

And then hanging up the phone.

I suppose this lays to rest the speculation that the New York Times released last week when they said that an undisclosed member of Congress had been warrant-lessly (new word?) wiretapped by the NSA.

Being a deeply cynical asshole, I immediately thought that Bush had wiretapped a congressperson for completely political reasons.  But right now, the report seems pretty legit.  However, this whole thing could end up like the Eliot Spitzer scandal.  The one motherfucker that could have blew the whistle on the shady side of Wall Street just so happens to be involved in a prostitution sting before he can pursue further banking regulations.

Spitzer broke the law, no doubt about it.  But I would bank on the fact that Washington and your local capital is so dense with corruption that the only people who really get “caught” are the ones that are about to lay the hammer on a large business or a political opponent.

Harman is ready for the damage control, releasing a statement immediately:

I never engaged in any such activity. Those who are peddling these false accusations should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m guessing the NSA has some pretty convincing evidence.  Ironically, Harman voted for FISA.  Karma is a bitch.  Expect this ALL DAY on Fox News tomorrow along with veiled allegations waged at Pelosi.

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Unusual: Eliot Spitzer’s former madam is pornstar hot, clearly fake

March 22, 2009

Eliot Spitzer, one of the hard-nosed enemies of Wall Street that we really could use right now, resigned from being Governor of New York last year after being caught with Ashley Dupre, an upscale hooker and downscale musician.  Dupre is cute in her own little vagina-for-rent type of way, but always came off as the church-going girl next door that hid her leather fetish from the majority of the world.

Ashley Dupre, Hooker

Ashley Dupre, Hooker

But Kristin Davis is no Ashley Dupre.  Davis, the New York madam that pimped Dupre to the rich and powerful, looks more like the girls in the “art” films that are willing to suck any dick you throw their way…as long as the money is on the table.   So hooray for stereotypes!

Kristen Davis, Pimp

Kristen Davis, Pimp

Davis divulged today that she had both a professional and personal relationship with Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez.  I’d still say that there is only a minimal chance that Rodriguez has seen her without that busted wig on.

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