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Craziest Photos from Tax Day Tea Parties

April 15, 2009

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Like the videos, I’ll keep adding more as I find them.  What the hell are they protesting?  It seems to be a smorgasbord of right wing ideas that have been rejected by the electorate.  Check out videos as well.

Special Thanks to HuffPo, Wonkette, PolioGazette, The Washington Independent, etc.

Craziest Videos from Tax Day Tea Parties

April 15, 2009

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I’ll keep adding more throughout the day.  Some real gems have already popped up and we’re just getting started on this thing.  Check out the pictures as well.

Crazy man sings unintelligibly in Washington

A Glenn Beck Tea Party gathering really brings out the crazies.

CNN Reporter Harassed at Chicago Tea Party…She’s a bit of a whiner

Tea Party Rally in Concord.  Speaker claims spending and taxing is unconstitutional.  I wonder where that is…oh yeah, it’s not in there.

The hardships of the Washington DC protest.

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Tea Party speech in Dallas

Tea Party speech in Annapolis.  “Crisis is 100 times as grim as 9/11.”

Links to additional videos:

Anderson Cooper:  “It’s hard to talk while you’re teabagging.”

Tea-bagging protesters are doing it wrong, scared of being arrested, shut down by Secret Service

April 15, 2009

Right-wingers really aren’t used to protesting.  That’s why today is going to bring laughter to sane individuals across the United States.  The Washington DC protest does not disappoint.



The plan for protesters in DC was to dump one million tea bags into the Potomac River.   But after finding out that it was illegal (can’t imagine there are too many protesters today that are aware of pollution laws), they pussied out and decided to dump the bags in Lafayette Park.  A truck was going to dump the tea bags onto a tarp and the protesters were going to war dance around it and then clean it all up.  However, idiots that ran the protest didn’t know that they needed a permit to use a dump truck in a public park.   The protesters ultimately ditched the one million tea bags idea.

Anger peaked and the protesters marched to the lawn of the White House.  An unidentified protester threw a package over the fence, immediately causing a clusterfuck of security issues.  The protest witnessed the unholy ban stick of the Secret Service and the package was opened by a robot.  After discovering that the package did not contain any dangerous device, protesters were allowed to continue their shenanigans.

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Full Story: Huffington Post