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Obama appears shirtless on magazine cover, has beginnings of manboobs

April 21, 2009

What appears to be a paparazzi photo of Barack Obama shirtless will appear on the cover of Washingtonian magazine this month. Obama, once thought to be one of our fittest presidents, may want to to work on that chest.


Obamama! Lend me your teet.

I’m sure everyone here has a better body than him as well.  Yep.

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Colorado woman can’t express love for tofu on license plate

April 9, 2009

Vegans and vegetarians can be some of the most annoying people to eat with.  Besides their looks of disgust as you slice and dice a bloody T-bone steak, they often have a penchant for food substitutes that “taste just like the real thing.”   Then when you try a piece of tofu, you realize that vegans just don’t know any better.

Enter Colorado woman Kelly Coffman-Lee who has deluded herself into believing that she loves the taste of tofu.  So much so that she wants to express her love on her license plate.  However, the end result made the state think twice.

ilvtofu-copyEither this woman really does love her tofu or she is making a second living in rural Nevada at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.  Either way, I don’t think the state should interfere.  And for all the people that are lamenting “What about the CHILDREN?”, she could have a bumper sticker on the back of her car that says “I like to fuck dogs and blow horses” and be perfectly within her rights.

Ultimately, the state rejected the proposed license plate.

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Texas bill could ban trans fats from restaurants

April 7, 2009

Home to some of America’s fattest cities, Texas needs to shape up, that is, if Democratic lawmakers have their way.  Senator Eliot Shapleigh and Representative Carol Alvarado are pushing for legislation in Texas that would ban trans fats from restaurants.

Is it wrong that I want to immediately cover these in ketchup?

Is it wrong that I want to immediately cover these in ketchup?

If passed, the law would gradually require restaurants to phase out foods that contained trans fats from their menu.  Often, this can just mean tinkering with the way it is prepared.   In order to push his bill, Shapleigh made fun of fat adolescents, saying “What it will do is cause restaurants and others to use healthier substances and cooking products to make healthier Texans.  You see 200-pound fifth-graders, you know we’ve got to do something about it.”

Responding to the Senator, fat kids from around the state could be heard yelling back “Shapleigh?  More like Shap-Gay!”

Put down the cheese fries and pick up the carrots, tubbies.  If your parents can’t prevent you from gorging, the state will have to try its damnedest.

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Quick Link: Junk food lobby is powerful

March 30, 2009

Well, looks like some grimy lobbyists were able to slime their way into the hearts and minds of some West Virginia politicians.   Nice job guys.

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FULL STORY: State Senate turns down calorie-count menu bill