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Initial thoughts after launch of North Korean missile

April 5, 2009

This post needs proper context.  Last night, before any real story was written on the subject, CNN put up a banner on their website that said: “BREAKING NEWS: North Korea launches unspecified rocket, Japanese and South Korean officials confirm.”  I wrote this short reaction before reading any additional information.

My heart is thumping. North Korea just launched an unspecified rocket. South Korean and Japanese officials have confirmed it. Is this how a third war starts? Or do we swing a big dick and just fucking nuke them back to primordial ooze?

I wonder how long it takes for a missile to reach central Oregon. Fifteen minutes? Twenty? Maybe much longer. We couldn’t have predicted the methods of September 11, but we could predict these methods. Does the United States really have the best defense system in the world? We’re about to find out. Good luck.

Let’s be fair to me because I love being fair to me.  It’s an overreaction, obviously.  But here is the grain of truth in this reaction:  Americans have been made to feel that we are born with targets on the back of our heads.  That we are the grand prize for any rogue nation on Earth.  Yes, Israel is targeted by Iran, but we feel like if Iran could target us instead, they would.  Likewise, Japan and South Korea may be targets one and two for North Korea, but we feel that if Kim Jong Il had his way, we would be within range of his missiles.

It’s a bizarre phenomenon.  The United States is the only nation that has ever used a nuclear weapon.  We have the most powerful weapons arsenal in the world, with hydrogen bombs that make what we dropped on Japan look like hand grenades.   Yet our Fear is unsurpassed by the rest of the nations in the world.

So what is the solution in this mess of a world we find ourselves in?  I don’t know.  But I do know what might help.  The United States needs to stop spending so much money on defense and become more assimilated into the international community.  Let’s allow some of our allies to pitch in for defense.  Too many of our allies simply rely on the unholy wrath of the United States to protect them.  Let’s spread our nuclear arsenal around and ensure that if an attack were to take place, our enemies would know that they would be attacked from 200 different positions around the world.

We need all the cooperation we can get in a world where nuclear technology and missile technology is getting cheaper and easier to develop.