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Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth share some physical contact

April 2, 2009

The meeting between Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace seems to have gone over moderately well.  However, Barack seems to have been out-charmed by his wife.  Michelle and Queenie apparently shared a quick hug after meeting.  Publicly showing affection is usually against the rules of etiquette.

But if you’re former President Bush, you find ways of coming off as creepy without any contact.

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Obama gives Queen Elizabeth a freaking iPod

April 2, 2009

Obama is big on technology related gifts.  When Obama visited Queen Elizabeth, or as I like to call her Queen Elizabeth of Hottington, at Buckingham Palace, the two exchanged gifts.

This is giving me nightmares.

This is giving me nightmares.

Our fearless leader gave Queenie an iPod with pictures of her last visit to the United States pre-loaded.  She gave him an autographed picture of herself.  It goes without saying that the Queen’s gift sucked.  She doesn’t exactly have a face like Angelina and tits like Salma Hayek, so a photograph doesn’t really cut it.  But let’s dive a bit into Obama’s gift.

Despite my headline, and the dumbass reaction you’ll get on Fox News, I think it was a pretty nice gift.  Let’s think about it for a minute.  All of the sudden you’re President of the United States and you have to meet the Queen of England and present her with a gift.  What the fuck do you buy her?  It can’t be anything material because the bitch is loaded.  You’ve got to come off as being sentimental with a person you’ve never met.

Obama did quite well on this one.  The iPod he gave her came preloaded with several pictures from her last visit to the United States in May of 2007.   I bet there were even pictures of the Queen with Bush.  It’s not like Obama gave her a mix tape of all his favorite Stevie Wonder songs.  Think of it as a modern version of a scrap book.

But that doesn’t stop the dumbasses over at The Fox Nation from endlessly railing on this “gift gaffe.”  One member notes:

this man and his administration is an embarrasment to the country.  if he does not have the class himself can’t he at least surround himself with people with class

What does that even mean?  If Bush were to give Queenie a gold lasso and a bottle of whiskey they would have complimented him for his heartland values.  In any case, this isn’t even in the same realm as the time Obama gave Gordon Brown a collection of region-locked DVDs.  Now that was fucked up.

Better gift for the Queen?  Three hundred forty two chests of tea and an apology letter for chucking the last shipment into the Boston Harbor.

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