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The Top 8 Dumbest Things about the Republican Party

May 1, 2009

This feature is part one of a two-part series centered on the two major political parties in the United States.  For The 8 Dumbest Things about the Democratic Party, click here.

Is the Republican party going to be ok?

Is the Republican party going to be ok?

8.  Republicans believe that The War on Drugs can be solved if we throw everyone into prison.

Republicans get to take credit for the first recorded usage of the term “War on Drugs.”  It was used by Richard Nixon in 1969 as a way to fire up the base of the party against the counter-culture hippies that despised the Vietnam War.

Thanks to the War on Drugs, our prisons are overfilled.  The cost is so high to run some of these prisons that they have to be sold to private companies.  The legislature of California actually considered selling San Quentin prison this year because of the terrible financial shape that the state is in.

And drug cartels love the illegality of drugs more than Republicans do.  Drug demand in the United States will continue and the cartels increasingly find clever ways of evading the DEA.  In fact, cartels are now building semi-submergable vessels that can avoid RADAR and infra-red in Costa Rica.  They pack these boats with up to seven tons of cocaine and park it on a deserted beach in the United States. If they can get seven tons of cocaine to the coast of the United States without being detected, they can get seven tons of anything into our country.

Legalize drugs.  Pull the rug out from under the black market.  Levy taxes on the drugs and use that money to educate kids and help addicts get help.  This is exactly what happened during prohibition.  Legalizing drugs will help to stop the violence and the kidnappings in Mexico and in the southwest.

7.  Republicans demonize higher education.

From discounting professors in their “ivory towers” to laughing in the face of modern economic theory, Republicans love to rally their base on the premise of their shared mediocrity.  Ann Coulter believes that American teachers are “inculcating students in the precepts of the Socialist Party of America—as understood by retarded people.” (link)

There are intellectuals in the party, but you’ll find few conservatives that know them by name.  For every David Brooks, there is a Carrie Prejean.  For every George Will, there is a Joe the Plumber.

This isn’t to say that there are plenty of idiots in the Democratic Party as well.  The difference is that Janeane Garafalo doesn’t get microphone time at the Democratic Convention, while Joe the Plumber, a moron, is viewed as some everyman harbinger of truth in the Republican Party.  The problem with this outlook is that it eventually permeates into the politicians themselves.  The Palin phenomenon.  A folksy former sportscaster that bounced around from college to college without any sense of history or moder political theory is voted into the governorship of Alaska.  Same thing happened with Michelle Bachmann.

The hard right tarnishes the image of the Republican Party just like the Taliban tarnishes the image of Islam.

6.  Republicans believe that corporations are more trustworthy than the government.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly.  The government has done some shitty thingsBut they have also done plenty of good things.   Let’s look at the current financial crisis as a microcosm for the shittyness of government versus the shittyness of corporations.

The government allowed for corporations to create the derivatives market as well as offer subprime mortgages to people that couldn’t afford them.  That’s shitty.

The corporations took these allowances and had a field day.  Not only did they offer subprimes to the people that couldn’t pay them, but they bundled the mortgages into a security and bet on the outcome of the security.

Johnny thinks Group A of subprime mortgage holders will only pay back 40% of the loan while Philp believes that Group A will pay back 80%.  Johnny decides to bet $32,000 on the outcome even though he only has $1,000 in the bank.  Philip bets $28,000 even though he only has $900.  Group A only pays back 40%.  Johnny wins.  Now how the fuck is Philip supposed to pay him?

5.  Republicans believe that the government doesn’t belong in your pocketbook, but it does belong in your ovaries and in your bedroom.

It seems that every time the Republican party is asked about fiscal policy, the only two words on their lips are “tax cuts.”  We’re in a war?  We Need Tax Relief.  We’re in an economic booming period?  More tax cuts.  We’re in a recession?  Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.

People used to be offended if one was yellow and one was dark brown.

People used to be offended if one was yellow and one was dark brown.

Republicans believe that the best judge for whether you should carry your child is the federal government.  In fact, they believe that your Church should have no say in the matter.  They believe that a marriage between gay people somehow infringe on their rights.  There are going to be gay people that your children are going to be exposed to whether they are allowed to marry or not.  What difference does a certificate matter to you?

4.  Republicans believe that the Second Amendment of the Constitution is the only important one.

Not a peep came from the Republican party when George W. Bush all but suspended the Fourth Amendment with the warrantless wiretapping program.  Hell, even after he left office and we discovered that John Yoo had readied an additional memo that would have limited the First Amendment, there was no significant backlash at the Drudge Report and Red State.

But when anyone says that you probably shouldn’t be able to carry an assault weapon capable of shooting 30 times in 10 seconds, Republicans go apeshit.

Here is my compromise.  You can buy any gun you want.  However, that gun is only allowed to fire three bullets before you reload.  Gun manufacturers must make it so that a reload takes more than thirty seconds.  Military and police guns do not have to follow these regulations.

Many Republicans will say that that inhibits their ability to protect their family in case the government comes to get them.  But that’s idiotic.  The government has nuclear weapons, genius.  If they want a police state, then they’re going to get one.  Until then, three shots is all you get.

3.  Republicans say they reject big government when they are out of power, but balloon government when they are in power.

I don’t know how much longer Republicans will fall for this nonsense.  During the reigns of Reagan, Bush, and W. Bush, government grew on a massive scale.  Hell, George W. Bush added the entire Department of Homeland Security.  Government spending went through the roof with all three GOP presidents.  None of them ever balanced a budget or saw a surplus.


It wasn’t until Bill Clinton balanced the budget late in his second term that many Americans finally realized that “fiscal responsiblity” did not belong on the Republican party platform.  Of course, the minute W took office, he squandared the surplus by adding significant tax cuts for the wealthy.  Most republicans don’t realize that the government has to PAY for tax cuts.  It is a signficant loss in revenue.  I’ll allow you to argue supply-side economic theory when a Republican balances the budget.  Until then, Bill Clinton’s “socialistic” 3% tax hike for wealthy people balanced it just fine.

2.  Republicans have shitty sources.

I don’t give a damn what some politician “believes” about global warming or Evolution.  If I want to hear about global warming, I’ll talk to chemists, geologists, and climatologists.  If I want to hear about Evolution, I’ll talk to a biological anthropologist or primatologist. There is no “big science” lobby.  These people do not get paid anywhere close to the bullshit experts from the oil lobbying firms.  They are scientists whose reputation is contingent upon their adherence to the scientific method.

Many, many scientists would like nothing more than to disprove global warming or Evolution.  They would be instant celebrities in the scientific world and they would be written about in textbooks for centuries.    But that doesn’t happen.

1. The people that vote for Republicans

On April 15, 2009 an estimated 189,000 people across the United States participated in Tax Day Tea Parties.  While simultaneously calling for an increase in defense spending, tea partiers were enraged at the 3% increase in taxes for people who make over a quarter of a million dollars a year.  Only 5% of working families in the United States will see a tax hike.

But don’t tell that to the teabaggers.

Sure, you get freedom of speech.  You just dont get to dictate policy when your guys lost.

Sure, you get freedom of speech. You just don't get to dictate policy when your guys lost.

If you asked them, taxes were through the roof on everything.  Even though the protests were sponsored by Fox News as well as two of the biggest lobbying firms in Washington, the majority of tea-party goers swallowed the kool-aid that this was a grassroots movement.

To be fair, the most vocal people on Fox and CPAC do not represent Republican voters collectively.  After all, the most moderate candidate in the Republican primaries John McCain won the 2008 Presidential nomination.  I suppose the proof of where the party is headed won’t be known until 2012.  If a Jindal, Palin, Romney, or Gingrich is selected, then they’re going in the wrong direction.  But if Jon Huntsman Jr.  is able to secure the nod, we may see a more reasonable, more intelligent Republican party.

All that and I didn’t even mention getting us into crazy wars, justifying torture, and the annual gay sex scandals.

New Jersey city council candidate sends porn through Facebook

April 28, 2009

A “hacker” allegedly managed to get into city council candidate Nidia Lopez’s Facebook account and sent porn to many of her friends.  Lopez immediately apologized to her supporters and blamed her opponent for the incident.

Only 10 supporters so far.  Ouch.

Only 10 supporters so far. Ouch.

Lopez wrote the following on her Facebook wall:

Please be advised that Ms. Lopez’s facebook page was hacked and the videos that you might have received from her facebook page were not sent out by Nidia R. Lopez nor her campaign. … We apologize for these unfortunate circumstances and we are confident that this matter will be corrected very soon. It has become obvious that Nidia’s opposition for the City Council has become desperately worried that Nidia’s message for change and her candidacy has become a serious threat to their efforts. Unfortunately they will stop at nothing to deter her. … Ms. Lopez’s opponents unfortunately want to resort to immature pranks and a smear campaign because they do not possess a platform nor solutions to address the issues facing the Journal Square residents. … please call your family and friends to let them know that our opponents have become desperate and that our commitment to delivering change we can see is strengthened with these types of attacks.

My bet?  These “hackers” just guessed her password.  It’s like the Sarah Palin email incident last year.  If you have an easy password, then you leave yourself at risk.

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Who will be the 2012 Republican nominee? (Google Deathmatch vs. CPAC Edition)

April 6, 2009

None of them have officially announced their candidacy for President, but we don’t mind speculating a few years early.  Let’s look at some trends to analyze who has the edge as of April 2009.


Conservative Political Action Conference: Numeral values given here are a percentage of votes cast for a particular candidate.

Google Web: Total number of results for a particular candidate from a Google Web search.

Google News:  Total number of results for a particular candidate from a Google News search isolated to the last month.

Raw Data


Conservative Political Action Conference: Who has the elite?

Held in late February, CPAC is a conference where the Republican elite get together and discuss the future of the party.  It is not a good representative sample of the electorate because only the top Republicans attend the conference.  In any case, it it interesting to see who the power players in the party want to represent them in 2012.  The only potential future candidate that isn’t represented in this poll is Jon Huntsman Jr., at least for the time being.  Eric Cantor could attempt a run in 2012, but I think for now he is content to stay in Congress.

In the first strong indication of where conservative hearts lie for the 2012 presidential race, Mitt Romney won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll on Saturday, earning the backing…
In the first strong indication of where conservative hearts lie for the 2012 presidential race, Mitt Romney won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll on Saturday, earning the backing…
Percentage of Votes from CPAC

Percentage of Votes from CPAC

Winner: Mitt Romney

Google Deathmatches: Who has the history?

But what candidate has the most history and name recognition with the party?  Let’s take a look.  Because only contains results from the Renaissance, I’ve decided to conduct these searches on my own.  Each candidate’s name is placed in parentheses in order to prevent irrelevant results.

Total hits from Google search

Total hits from Google search

Total hits with Google search

Percentage of total hits from Google search

Winner: Sarah Palin, easily. Ron Paul, unsurprisingly has a strong web presence, but it’s doubtful that that will turn into votes during election time.

Google News Deathmatch: Who has the buzz?

Yes, Palin may have the most history with the party, but which candidate has stayed in the limelight for the last month?  Who do Americans think of right now when they think of the Republican party?  Each candidate’s name is placed in parentheses.  Total results are taken from a one month period.

Total hits from Google search

Total hits from Google News search

Percentage of total hits from Google News search

Percentage of total hits from Google News search

Winner: Sarah Palin, again. However, Mark Sanford and Bobby Jindal are keeping up just fine in the latest news.  Mitt Romney may want to put himself out there a bit more often.

Conclusions: But what does it all mean?

None of these results should be taken too seriously at this point.  Right now, it is difficult for someone like Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich to stay in the news because they have no legislative position at this point.  The Eric Cantor addition should be viewed as a dark horse candidate.   Cantor may be perfectly happy leading the Republicans in the House.

In any case, CPAC should not be taken seriously.  They hated John McCain in 2008 and look where that got him: an early, secured nomination.  Google Deathmatch operates on the premise that a solid history of prominence in the party will help a candidate.  This is a double-edged sword.  Experience in the Republican party may mean a close association with the life and times of George W. Bush.   If Rudy Giuliani had the ability to run in 2003 instead of 2008, we may have seen him in the White House.  But the American public quickly cooled to the idea that a President had to have steel balls with the War on Terror.

Google News will be a great indicator of buzz when the campaign season gets into full gear.  Whoever can maximize their results on a weekly basis will be the next nominee.  Getting the mainstream press on your side is the best way to get into the White House.

Who do you think will square off against Obama in 2012?


Diana Palin returns to scene of crime , gets arrested, embarassed

April 4, 2009

Diana Palin, half sister to First Douche Todd Palin, was arrested Thursday after breaking into a Wasilla house for the second time this week.  On Tuesday, Palin broke into the same house and stole $400.

Palin escapes Tuesday, gets fucked Thursday.

Palin escapes Tuesday, gets fucked Thursday.

On Friday, Palin remained in jail after her rich relatives failed to bail her out.  Bail was set at $10,000.  Scott McLean, Diana’s husband, said his wife is a stay-at-home mom that takes good care of their two young kids.

Are we watching reality TV with the Palins?

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The Top 8 Dumbest Things about the Democratic Party

April 3, 2009

This feature is part one of a two-part series centered on the two major political parties in the United States.  The 8 Dumbest Things about the Republican Party is available here.

Without further ado, let’s whip this donkey into shape.

Me, checking on the health of the Democratic Party

Me, checking on the health of the Democratic Party

8.  Democrats feel guilty about everything.

To these Democrats, the tragedy of Darfur is the fault of the global imperialism of American companies, gang members just need a stern talking-to, and all military personell are brainwashed by the overlords of the Military Industrial Complex.  All cultural practices are permissible as long as they do not include hunting and fishing in the United States.  Female circumcision and honor killings are morally sound as long as no white people are doing it.

7.  Democrats believe we should save every endangered species on the planet.

Recently, Barack Obama became the fourth president that has committed to saving the Spotted Owl in Oregon.  And while many environmentalist organizations applaud his effort, we also need to realize that species go extinct all the time.  Not only that, but where are we going to put all the windmills that will be needed to secure our energy future?  If we can preserve parks, then that’s great.  But democrats seem to think we can save every species on Earth while still securing the energy needed to run their hybrid Prius.

Blue boobies

Blue boobies.

6.  Democrats believe that they have a monopoly on rational thought.

Rethuglicans.  You see it in the comment sections every single day on The Huffington Post.  Everything the Republicans suggest is immediately wrong and stupid.  These Democrats can’t actually explain the alternate Republican budget proposal, nor can they tell you why global warming is occurring, they just know that if you question any of it, then you’re an idiot.

I’m not questioning the science of global warming.  However, scientists still haven’t even fully grasped what gravity is, much less the intricacies of the warming planet.  Both sides need to question and both sides need to listen to one another.

5.  Democrats believe we can win the War on Drugs by educating the American public.

“Who wants to learn how to use recreational drugs?” Ms. Snodgrass asks her fourth grade class.  “Well, today we are going to learn that you can get high from inhaling the fumes from the rubber cement that I keep in my desk.  But that it’s very bad for you health and you should never, ever do it.”

You know what else parents tell kids?  That candy will rot their teeth and that television will turn their brains to mush.  Guess what?  It doesn’t work.  Kids love candy and TV and when they get older, they may develop a penchant for stogies and hash.  Some people, in life, will become drug abusers.  It’s time we let people have a little responsibility to do what they want with their life.

I D.A.R.E. you to do these drugs.

I D.A.R.E. you to do these drugs.

4.  Democrats exploit blue collar workers.

This is most aggravating during any kind of Democratic primary.  They would have you believe that all Democratic politicians came from nothing and then magically became successful politicians.  Let’s take John Edwards for example.  Edwards almost said the phrase “son of a mill worker” more than John Kerry mentioned his service in Vietnam during the 2004 elections.  Just because your dad was a blue collar worker, doesn’t mean you are “of the people.”  It just means that you had to sink to chasing ambulances in order to buy your first mansion.

Fast forward to 2009.  Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.  They are losing the message war on the Employee Free Choice Act, and they are doing it by not strongly objecting to the lies that surround the bill.  Claire McCaskill said in early March that she does not believe that they have the 60 votes that they will need.  If they grew a pair and told everyone in the country that the EFCA does not get rid of secret elections, then I think we could actually get somewhere with it.  I just have a funny feeling that there are a few Democratic Senators that do not want the bill to pass because…

3.  Democrats pretend to avoid special interest groups in Washington.

Barack Obama made several early campaign promises of being free from the strings of lobbyists.  Within weeks he passed a law that made it illegal for lobbyists to receive starring roles in the Presidential Cabinet…and then he broke the law 48 hours later.

During the campaign, Obama claimed that he didn’t take any money from oil companies or from Washington lobbyists.  The first claim is misleading and the second is only half true.  It has been illegal for candidates to take any money directly from corporations since 1907, but Obama did take about $213,000 from oil company workers and their spouses.  It is true that Obama did not take any money from Federally Registered Lobbyists, but he did take money from people who work at lobbying firms, as well as their spouses.  (Source:

A group of Republicans or Democrats protests the other partys politician.

A group of Republicans or Democrats protests the other party's politicians.

2.  Democrats whine about everything and are afraid to do what they say.

When Democrats are out of power, they pound their chests for the rights of the little guy, for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, and against corporate cronyism in the Republican party.  But when they get into power, things change.  All of the sudden, several members of Congress are rethinking their position on the Employee Free Choice Act.  All of the sudden, we can’t leave Iraq until 2011.  All of the sudden, the CEOs have to stay because they are the only people on the planet that can save us from the economic clusterfuck.

1.  The people who vote for the Democrats.

This one hurts.  And I, just like you, have cringed when I walk into the voting booth.  But we’ve got to accept responsibility for the shitty politicians that we’ve given ourselves.

My main problem with the electorate at large is that they view politicians as blank canvases on which they can project their personal ideals.  A successful politician need only offend the least number of people in order to win an election.  When was the last time you vote For someone more than you voted Against the opposition?

Pundits in the media hurt the electorate more than we can bear.  By smearing 24-hour gossip-athons into our collective face, the media actually convinces us that we do care about the wolves in Alaska, or the pastors in Chicago, or the knocked up teenage daughter.  But if we lived next to the Palins/Obamas/McCains/Bidens it wouldn’t be an issue.  We’ve glorified our politicians right out of their basic humanity.

But I’d hate to leave you on a downer…

Let me tell you a story about a different kind of Democrat.  Harry Braun ran for President of the United States in 2004.  Braun had big ideas for America, which included building a fleet of 1 million windships.

Two windships

Two windships

This may sound like batshit loony tunes Daily-Show-ready material right now.  But let Braun explain his idea:

The Windship systems were developed by William Heronemus, an engineering professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Heronemus graduated from both the U.S. Naval Academy and MIT, and then served as a naval engineer and architect until his retirement in 1965. Note the tugboat at the base of the Windship that is delivering the crew that will live and work in the submerged spherical hulls. Given that each Windship will have a crew of approximately 10 people, the one million windships that will make the U.S. energy independent of all fossil and nuclear fuels will employ 10 million people in high-quality jobs. The hulls will also contain the electrolytic hydrogen production systems that will make hydrogen from the seawater with the electricity generated by the mast of wind turbines. (

I like it.  It’s radical and I actually believe him.  It may cost a couple trillion dollars to construct the windships, but at least he is facing the energy crisis head-on.  Imagine the freedom of not having to rely on the whim of the Saudis in order to heat your home and put gas in your car.  We wouldn’t have to ruin our mountain landscapes with mine waste and we sure as shit wouldn’t have to fight in a war for resources.  Our energy plan would be completely sustainable into the foreseeable future.

The media quickly dismissed Braun as a “fringe” candidate.  Maybe it’s just me, but he’s speaking more sanity than I’ve heard from a politician in a long time.


Glenn Beck censored by Sarah Palin? (Video removed from site)

April 2, 2009

I ran a story earlier today that talked about a blip I saw when analyzing Google Trends.  The search term “Sarah Palin Bikini Video” was very high on the list.  I may have a bit of an explanation now for why this was the case.  Apparently, Glenn Beck said something about it on either his TV show or his radio show.  Anyway, he uploaded a video of it to his site, but since then it has been removed.

I’m going to upload some screenshots, just in case they edit the site soon.  But it still should be up for people who view this post quick enough.

1.  Go to

2. In the Featured Videos section, click “Beck Talks: Sarah Palin Bikini Video”

3.  Be terribly disappointed by bus loads of fail.

Here are some screenshots in case they take it down:





Or maybe I’m just crazy and Glenn Beck’s admins are going to upload the videos in the coming hours.  I still find it terribly suspicious that it just so happened to be one of the most searched phrases on google today though.  If anyone TiVO’d it or recorded the audio, let me know.

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There in no new Sarah Palin swimsuit video…so stop looking for it!

April 2, 2009

Google trends went off the deep end this morning with tons of users searching for the Sarah Palin swimsuit video.   This is fucking old shit people!

You want some proof?  Check this shit out!

sarah-palin-swimsuitEven more unnerving is that the retards over at don’t seem to understand the difference between a bikini and a one piece.  Get some facts and come back and see me.  Get some FACTS and come back and see me!

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Full Story: Google Trends

Actress Angie Harmon defends Bristol Palin six months too late

April 2, 2009

Angie Harmon may be a tolerable actress, but her timing is absolutely dreadful.  In a recent interview with Pop Tarts, the former Law & Order star defended Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.   Bristol Palin sighed and asked if Angie Harmon also wanted to recommend a team to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

Cute, but dumb.

Cute, but dumb.

Harmon discussed several issues in her interview including how she thinks President Obama is doing so far.

I don’t care what color he is. I’m just not crazy about what he’s doing and I heard all about this, and he’s gonna do that and change and change, so okay … I’m still dressing for a recession over here buddy and we’ve got unemployment at an all-time high and that was his number one thing and that’s the thing I really don’t appreciate. If I’m going to disagree with my President, that doesn’t make me a racist. If I was to disagree with W, that doesn’t make me racist. It has nothing to do with it, it is ridiculous.

Harmon immediately chooses to play the “I’m not racist” card.  Who has accused her of being racist?  I’m immensely critical of the Obama Administration’s fiscal policy so far and have never once been called a racist.

Here is what happens: Harmon doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about.  First off, blaming Obama for unemployment is a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?  Especially considering that the majority of layoffs in this recession have happened under Bush?  And the fact that Obama has yet to set a national budget?  So since you clearly don’t know what you are talking about, people assume you’re racist because you’re a goddamn dumbass.  And those people are wrong to do that, but you’re not giving them too many options when you’re clearly under-educated and over-opinionated on the subject.

But I digress.  The funniest portion of this interview comes in Harmon’s defense of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.

She [Bristol Palin] is in a position that any girl could be in: is this guy marrying me because he loves me and wants to be with me? To be in my life and our child’s life? This is a big deal; we’re getting married at 17! Nowadays, those don’t last. So if everyone could just get off her and let her live her life and do it in a way that she thinks is best, I’m all for it. I really am. She has my support 100 percent, she’s a sweetheart. I’ve got three daughters and I’m going to stand up for them and support them in whatever they want to do.

On the surface this seems perfectly fine.  But given proper context, let’s reexamine Harmon’s idiocy.  Sarah Palin, Bristol’s mother, wanted to abolish abortion and only teach abstinence in schools and not contraception.  Those are legislative decisions made by her mother.  No one was saying Bristol was a slut.  People were saying, “Hey, Sarah Palin’s bullshit abstinence program doesn’t seem to work.”  Let’s take a look at some of the commentary that occurred during that time.  Here is an article written by CNN’s Roland Martin. And a video from the Young Turks.  And James Carville on Larry King.

All three attacks Sarah Palin’s policy decisions, not Bristol Palin.  The problem is that it’s pretty clear to anyone with a rational thought in their mind where Harmon gets her news.  Fox.  Limbaugh.  Savage.  The Usual Suspects.  The right wingers immediately turned these legitimate arguments from the left this into an attack on Bristol rather than an attack on Sarah Palin’s policy.

I don’t know what we can do with people like Angie Harmon.  What’s it like to live a life like that?  There are people on the other side of the aisle that are just as bad, but after a while your own curiosity has to come into play.  You actually have to read the commentary for yourself or even listen to Rush for a few minutes on the way to work.  Keep your mind moving.

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Quick Link: Sarah Palin converts to Catholicism

April 1, 2009

Following Newt Gingrich’s lead, Sexy Sarah Palin from Alaska is going to convert to Catholicism.  When asked if she would support the Pope’s strong opposition to using condoms to fight HIV infection in Africa, Palin responded with an enthusiastic, “You Betcha!”

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Full Story: Anchorage Gazette

Unusual: Obama’s next target is the…um…differently abled

March 21, 2009

If there is anything our new president is good at, it’s picking his enemies.   With the help of Paul Begala and the Raging Cajun, the Obama administration was able to turn the debate over the Stimulus Bill into a false dichotomy between Obama and Rush Limbaugh.  That’s smart politics.

You want to know what isn’t smart politics?  Going onto the highest rated late night talk show and slamming people with Down’s Syndrome.  Or running over babies with steam rollers while dressed in a Nazi uniform and screaming the more colorful portions of Thus Spake Zarathustra.  For whatever reason, the American public isn’t too fond of these things.

Now, Obama didn’t “slam” those with Down’s Syndrome, but he did compare his lackluster game of bowling with the Special Olympics.  See for yourself:

Quick to be the white knight of the…um…differently-abled of the world, Sarah Palin surprisingly released a non-political statement:

“These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

I’m both shocked and appalled by the fact that Palin has been in politics for this long and doesn’t have the guts to soapbox the shit out of this story.  Obama has since apologized for the remark, sinking this story to Unusual classification.

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