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Obama Navy nominee recorded wife confessing affair to a reverend

March 31, 2009

Ray Mabus had one hell of a time divorcing his wife.  Suspecting that she was cheating on him, Mabus enlisted the help of a mutual friend to get her to squeal.  That friend just so happened to be an Episcopalian reverend.  With God as the bait, Reverend Jerry McBride was able to tape record Julie Hines’ confession that she did, in fact, have an extramarital affair.

Ray Mabus is the original Linda Tripp.

Ray Mabus is the original Linda Tripp.

When the case went to court, Hines suddenly realized that the holy father had screwed her over.  Mabus used the taped conversation against Hines, who then admitted to the affair.  But Hines wasn’t finished yet.  During the court proceedings, Hines told Mabus, “I will hate you till the day I die, and I will tell my children.”

This outburst ended up screwing her even more.  After testimony from an expert psychiatric witness, the judge ruled that Mabus would receive legal custody of the couple’s two children.  Physical custody would be split evenly between the two.

Mabus was elected Governor of Mississippi in 1988 and has also served as an ambassador to Saudi Arabia.  His confirmation is expected to receive bipartisan support.

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