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Michelle Bachmann returns to idiocy, angry at disinvitation to government orgies

May 4, 2009

With all the innuendo in the following video, you’d think that Michelle Bachmann was gunning for the lead role in Milf Fuckers 39 instead of reelection in Minnesota’s 6th district.  On Saturday, Bachmann and Governor Tim Pawlenty gave speeches at a tax day tea party.

Bachmann is angry that the government is having an orgy without her and that it has already “spent its wad.”  To be fair, Bachmann simply wasn’t the prettiest girl at the party and the government just couldn’t hold out when they heard this speech by North Carolina congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

We need some real opposition in this country.  Not some fire and brimstone, good versus evil nutjob that believes the second coming of Christ will happen the second we have single-payer healthcare in this country.  The ideas are so archaic that you have to go back to 18th century, Salem Witch Trials logic in order to wrap your head around the idiocy.

For the love of Nathaniel Hawthorne and all reasonable people, get Bachmann the hell out of Congress.

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Republican congresswoman Foxx claims that Matthew Shepard story is a hoax

April 29, 2009

I can’t even tell you what the fuck North Carolinian congresswoman Virginia Foxx is talking about.  If you shut your eyes, you may think that the hate spewed from Foxx’s mouth could only be attributed to someone as dumb as Michelle Bachmann.  Here is the video:

The Matthew Shepard bill is named after a very unfortunate incident that happened where a young man was killed.  But we know that that young man was killed in the commitment of a robbery, it wasn’t because he was gay.  The Hate Crimes bill was named for him, but it’s really a hoax.

Where are the facts to back up your claim?  Who is we?  You and Fred Phelps?  Every major newspaper and the local police department agreed that Matthew Shepard was lured from the bar by two men and then beaten to death.  He was not committing a crime.

Foxx’s statement was made while the House was debating a new Hate Crimes bill.  Apparently, Matthew Shepard’s mother was in attendance.

I’d like to see a source outside of that will corroborate Foxx’s foolish story.

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Pending signature by the Governor, New Hampshire votes to legalize same sex marriage

April 29, 2009

In a 13-10 vote today, the New Hampshire Senate passed legislation that would allow same sex marriage in the state.  An amendment was added to the bill that allows clergy members to refuse to marry gay couples.

The storm is coming.

The storm is coming.

Civil marriages will now be for both opposite sex and same sex couples.  Before the bill passed clergy could refuse to marry couples for any variety of reasons.  Let’s say I want to get married to a Catholic girl, in a Catholic Church, but refuse to raise my children Catholic.  The priest would refuse to marry us.  In other words, the additional amendment is just to appease religious types.  Clergy have always had that right.

Democratic governor John Lynch still needs to sign the bill, but he’ll get enormous pressure from fellow Democrats to do just that, even if he claims that he “personally believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.”

Congrats to the people of New Hampshire.  Now more gay-tolerant than the entire west coast.

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Full Story: Concord Monitor

New Jersey city council candidate sends porn through Facebook

April 28, 2009

A “hacker” allegedly managed to get into city council candidate Nidia Lopez’s Facebook account and sent porn to many of her friends.  Lopez immediately apologized to her supporters and blamed her opponent for the incident.

Only 10 supporters so far.  Ouch.

Only 10 supporters so far. Ouch.

Lopez wrote the following on her Facebook wall:

Please be advised that Ms. Lopez’s facebook page was hacked and the videos that you might have received from her facebook page were not sent out by Nidia R. Lopez nor her campaign. … We apologize for these unfortunate circumstances and we are confident that this matter will be corrected very soon. It has become obvious that Nidia’s opposition for the City Council has become desperately worried that Nidia’s message for change and her candidacy has become a serious threat to their efforts. Unfortunately they will stop at nothing to deter her. … Ms. Lopez’s opponents unfortunately want to resort to immature pranks and a smear campaign because they do not possess a platform nor solutions to address the issues facing the Journal Square residents. … please call your family and friends to let them know that our opponents have become desperate and that our commitment to delivering change we can see is strengthened with these types of attacks.

My bet?  These “hackers” just guessed her password.  It’s like the Sarah Palin email incident last year.  If you have an easy password, then you leave yourself at risk.

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California Democrat nailed for trying to reduce charges against Israeli spies

April 20, 2009

The National Security Agency is about to release an entire uterus-worth of period blood all over California Democratic Representative Jane Harman’s face.   NSA officials wiretapped Harman and discovered that she was planning to lobby the Justice Department for reduced sentences for two American Israeli Public Affairs Committee officials that are currently being held for espionage.  In exchange for helping AIPAC, Israeli agents offered to lobby then Majority leader Nancy Pelosi to appoint Harman chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

I cannot confirm or deny that Harman also broke the trade embargo with Cuba.

I cannot confirm or deny that Harman also broke the trade embargo with Cuba.

All this shit went down in 2006 after the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives.   What’s really bizarre in this story is that Harman realized that she may have been wiretapped during the phone call.  Like anyone that has just left a paper bag of dog crap on their neighbor’s doorstep, Harman quickly ran for the proverbial bushes saying:

This conversation doesn’t exist.

And then hanging up the phone.

I suppose this lays to rest the speculation that the New York Times released last week when they said that an undisclosed member of Congress had been warrant-lessly (new word?) wiretapped by the NSA.

Being a deeply cynical asshole, I immediately thought that Bush had wiretapped a congressperson for completely political reasons.  But right now, the report seems pretty legit.  However, this whole thing could end up like the Eliot Spitzer scandal.  The one motherfucker that could have blew the whistle on the shady side of Wall Street just so happens to be involved in a prostitution sting before he can pursue further banking regulations.

Spitzer broke the law, no doubt about it.  But I would bank on the fact that Washington and your local capital is so dense with corruption that the only people who really get “caught” are the ones that are about to lay the hammer on a large business or a political opponent.

Harman is ready for the damage control, releasing a statement immediately:

I never engaged in any such activity. Those who are peddling these false accusations should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m guessing the NSA has some pretty convincing evidence.  Ironically, Harman voted for FISA.  Karma is a bitch.  Expect this ALL DAY on Fox News tomorrow along with veiled allegations waged at Pelosi.

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Colorado woman can’t express love for tofu on license plate

April 9, 2009

Vegans and vegetarians can be some of the most annoying people to eat with.  Besides their looks of disgust as you slice and dice a bloody T-bone steak, they often have a penchant for food substitutes that “taste just like the real thing.”   Then when you try a piece of tofu, you realize that vegans just don’t know any better.

Enter Colorado woman Kelly Coffman-Lee who has deluded herself into believing that she loves the taste of tofu.  So much so that she wants to express her love on her license plate.  However, the end result made the state think twice.

ilvtofu-copyEither this woman really does love her tofu or she is making a second living in rural Nevada at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.  Either way, I don’t think the state should interfere.  And for all the people that are lamenting “What about the CHILDREN?”, she could have a bumper sticker on the back of her car that says “I like to fuck dogs and blow horses” and be perfectly within her rights.

Ultimately, the state rejected the proposed license plate.

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Hookers from Moonlite Bunny Ranch testify for tax on prostitution

April 9, 2009

Nevada, the only state in the United States with legalized prostitution, is now considering adding a $5 tax to each sex act performed.  Surprisingly, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most infamous brothel in the country, has come out in support of the new tax.

I'll take the one on the right.

I'll take the one on the right.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch gained pop culture fame with the HBO series Cathouse.  Owner Dennis Hof, employee Madame Suzette, and hookers Airforce Amy, Brooke Taylor, and Chloe Daniels testified in favor of the tax.  Because of Nevada’s budget shortfall, the state is in need of new ways to generate Revenue.  Airforce Amy said, “If $5 per person can raise $2 million a year, I’m all for it.”

Since prostitution was legalized in Nevada in 1978, the state has never taxed it.  This seems like a pretty good way of making some revenue for the state.  You have to figure that a lot of the people that utilize Nevada’s unique laws are from out of state, so they aren’t even taking from the Nevada economy at large.  I find it a bit bizarre that hookers and owners of brothels would actively campaign for more taxation, but I suppose it helps with their public image.

Hell, they know how to get in the news and I doubt that an extra $5 is going to deter any of their potential clients.  Good call, Nevada.

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Full Story: Nevada Appeal

University of Maryland loves porn, hates God

April 8, 2009

In an effort to prove every conservative Christians fears, the University of Maryland allowed a screening of a pornographic film this weekend and forbid prayer at its commencement addresses.  After receiving loads of negative media attention about a porno being showed on the University campus, the school stood steadfast and allowed the students to show the film as a display of free speech.



The screening of “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” didn’t go as well as some students had planned.  The theater was full, but the student organization only decided to show a half hour of the movie.  No one was found beating off in the stadium seats.

This sets an interesting precedent in our country.  I’m a fan of the Constitution and I am 100% behind the students that want to watch a porno, even though I think it’s a bit bizarre to watch any skin flick in a group.  But I’d like to hear about more about this prayer ban.  While I agree that it shouldn’t be allowed to be a tradition during the commencement, I would have no problem with a guest speaker saying a couple words about a deity.  That’s free speech too.

I don’t think the University should actively promote a certain religious affiliation, but it also shouldn’t stifle the voice of its students, even if some people disagree.

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Full Story: Newsbusters

Vermont Governor vetoes same-sex marriage bill

April 7, 2009

I think it’s safe to say that if Vermont had elected a Democrat in 2002 instead of Republican Jim Douglas, they would have become the next state to legalize same-sex marriage.  I don’t understand the point in decisions like this.  Measures like Prop 8 are only going to be on the books for maybe 10 more years before they are repealed.

Fail is fail.

Fail is fail.

Live and let live.

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Full Story: Burlington Free Press

Republican Governor accused of hanky-panky with Playboy playmate

April 7, 2009

Dawn Gibbons is accusing her husband, Republican Governor of Nevada Jim Gibbons, of having an affair with Playboy playmate Leslie Durant in divorce papers that were unsealed Monday.   Jim Gibbons maintains that Durant and another woman he allegedly had an affair with were just friends.

Nah, dude.  I'll pass.

Nah, dude. I'll pass.

Jim Gibbons was allegedly quite the texter.  Between Playmate Durant and Kathy Karrasch, the good governor sent more than 860 messages from his state-owned cell phone.  Jim Gibbons maintains that the text messages were for “state business,” while Dawn Gibbons and the rest of the rational world find that claim “laughable.”  Dawn says that her husband “has had similar relationships with many other women during the marriage.”

Gov. Gibbons apologized last year for the messages and reimbursed the state for their cost, but never admitted to the affairs.  He maintains that the divorce is the result of his wife’s aggression and their incompatibility.  The Gibbons were married in 1986.

You would think that the good Governor would have found out about his wife’s alleged “aggression” sometime within the first twenty years of their marriage.  And let’s be honest.  There are plenty of hotter Playmates in Nevada than Ms. Durant.  Maybe she’s better in person, but the pics I’ve found scream Daryl Hannah + Crack – Talent.

Jim Gibbons currently boasts a 90% voting record from the Christian Coalition.   He was once a Representative from Nevada, and ascended to the Governorship in 2006 amid accusations of assault and employing an illegal immigrant for a nanny.  Gibbons has been busy in his two short years as Governor of Nevada, quickly descending to being one of the least popular Governors in the nation because of his shenanigans.

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Full Story: Reno Gazette-Journal