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Vermont overrides Governor, legalizes same-sex marriage

April 7, 2009

Well, that was quite the turnaround from the doom and gloom of yesterday.  After Republican Governor Jim Douglas vetoed a same sex marriage bill, the Vermont state legislature overrode him and passed the law anyway.



This once again proves my point that bans on same-sex marriage are going to die out within the next decade.   All the armies in the world can’t stop an idea whose time has come.   Congrats to Vermont.

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Full Story: Burlington Free Press

Iowa legalizes gay-on-gay marriage

April 3, 2009

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled today that it is unconstitutional to restrict marriage to one man and one woman.  The court upheld a decision made by a Polk County judge in 2007.

Gay couples in Iowa will begin to be allowed to marry starting April 24, 2009.  Congrats!

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Full Story: Des-Moines Register