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University of Maryland loves porn, hates God

April 8, 2009

In an effort to prove every conservative Christians fears, the University of Maryland allowed a screening of a pornographic film this weekend and forbid prayer at its commencement addresses.  After receiving loads of negative media attention about a porno being showed on the University campus, the school stood steadfast and allowed the students to show the film as a display of free speech.



The screening of “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” didn’t go as well as some students had planned.  The theater was full, but the student organization only decided to show a half hour of the movie.  No one was found beating off in the stadium seats.

This sets an interesting precedent in our country.  I’m a fan of the Constitution and I am 100% behind the students that want to watch a porno, even though I think it’s a bit bizarre to watch any skin flick in a group.  But I’d like to hear about more about this prayer ban.  While I agree that it shouldn’t be allowed to be a tradition during the commencement, I would have no problem with a guest speaker saying a couple words about a deity.  That’s free speech too.

I don’t think the University should actively promote a certain religious affiliation, but it also shouldn’t stifle the voice of its students, even if some people disagree.

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